Yuki my cat

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This is my 17 years old cat, Yuki. She is very well and fat then. A few days later she wasen’t able to walk, eat and drink and was brought to the vet. She was fine since the return from the vet a few weeks ago, but this week she tries to drink but she can’t and she tries to eat but she just tates it a bit. I am thinking of bringing her back to the vet but since it is really expensive (and we do not have any animal insurance), we don’t think we can bring her to the vet. It is very sad that I have to see her getting skinnier and skinnier everday, and seeing her die. This is just one of the videos of my cat. I will post more of her. I hope she gets much much better…

3 thoughts on “Yuki my cat

  1. Maria Melon

    she did die T__T. On rememberance day (November 11). It was really sad =(. Atleast she died in her sleep… but she's probably happy in heaven =D!

  2. tinymanthebeast

    OMG wat the heck? this is so weard i had a strange thought that some one elese had a cat named yuki like my cat. wow that is soooooo odd. my cat yuki died 3 days ago he knew i loved him from beginning to end, i miss my yu


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