Young Drivers Targeted by Road Awareness Campaign

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Road safety charity Brake has launched a hard-hitting campaign called 2 Young 2 Die, which aims to highlight the dangers young drivers face when they or those around them, drive recklessly.

Spearheaded by a new website, the charity hope to help to cut the number of deaths on Britain’s roads involving young people. Statistics released by the AA make for some grim reading with 13 people aged between 15 and 25 years old being killed in accidents on UK roads every week.

Alarmingly, despite only one in eight motorists in Britain being under the age of 25 years old, almost a quarter of all fatalities caused because of car accidents involve people from this age group. The AA also revealed that in 2007, of all the passengers who died or who were seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision in the UK, 40 per cent were travelling in a car driven by a young person.

Organisations have tried to highlight the issues of road safety and the necessity for young driver car insurance in the past, yet the accident figures remain at a disturbing level.

Young people in Scotland were sent images and film clips from road crashes to their mobile phones in a bid to stress the message of responsible motoring, and Safer Roads for Cumbria set up a micro-blog service named Twitter for young people to log on to online.

The website launched to lead the 2 Young 2 Die campaign by Brake, carries some very powerful images and real life stories. The gruesome details of injuries that young people have sustained that appear on the site are aimed to shock drivers in to thinking about their actions and the effect they can have on themselves, their families and other people.

Relatives and friends of teenage crash victims give their poignant accounts of losing someone close to them and paramedics and doctors talk openly about the horrendous images they have encountered at a crash scene. They also talk of the real possibility of drivers and passengers being left paralysed or brain damaged after a high-speed collision.

The road safety charity also poses the question, ‘could you live with yourself?’ if you were behind the wheel of a car that killed your ‘best mate’ or an elderly person or even a child.

Although accident figures remain at an appalling level, road safety campaigns such as this one are helping to save the lives of hundreds of people every year.

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