You can Afford Your Home with CitiMortgage & Citibank Loan Modification

CitiMortgage, a branch of Citibank responsible for mortgages, has a very appealing, affordable, proactive home lending plan supported by the Treasury Department. CitiMortgage is able to receive government incentive payments when it allows its customers to modify their existing mortgage agreements. This means that if you are having trouble paying your mortgage, there is a way to renegotiate it. This article will tell you how and why you should.Everyone is welcome to apply, even if you have already tried to get a loan modification and been turned down. The government requires that this plan be available to every homeowner if CitiMortgage and Citibank are to be part of this program. If you need this help, now is the time to ask for it. If any one of the following conditions applies to you, you may qualify for a loan modification:1. Do you live in the home for which you are requesting the loan modification?2. Did you negotiate your loan before 2009?3. Is your remaining mortgage debt less than $729.750?4. Is your current mortgage payment more than 31% of your gross income (this includes all dues, insurance and taxes)?If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are eligible to apply for an affordable home plan. Note everyone who applies will be approved however. If you can show good reason why you qualify under these requirements, you may be able to have your loan’s interest reduced to as low as 2% for as long as 40 years. The reason the government has put this plan into place is to help you get a mortgage you can afford, and this is deemed to be 31% of your income before taxes. Citibank is motivated to help you as they receive money from the Treasury Department for every approved application. Another additional incentive is a payment of $5,000 to homeowners that do not default or fall behind on their newly negotiated mortgage for five years. Before you call Citibank and before you fill out an application, make sure you have everything that is required so there are no glitches in the process. Take the time needed to study the application since the application is vital to your success. Once you know you have everything you need to precede, call Citibank and begin the loan modification process.

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