You are not in good hands with Allstate. Vehicle not in preloss condition.

Claim # 0369793806 5/22/2015

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“You are not in good hands with Allstate”

My vehicle was backed into by one of Allstate’s insured. My vehicle was parked and I wasn’t in the vehicle yet it’s still broken after Allstate’s recommended shop tried to repair it. I owned this vehicle for 1 year and 9 months before the vehicle was backed into and never had any issues with the backup sensor system. I took it to an Allstate preferred shop recommended by Allstate by their reviews. I even took it to the dealer per Allstate’s recommendation and the vehicle is still acting up with the backup sensor going off with nothing behind the vehicle or to the sides. The company has not taken care of the issue and it has been over a year. Since they couldn’t repair the vehicle due to the system being intermittent, I obtained an estimate from Alan Webb Nissan for the total system replacement of $4707.01. I get the run around when calling Allstate’s claims department. Claims adjustors don’t return phone calls or wait weeks before returning calls. I’ve spoken with Craig Irby a couple times and I can’t get any results. I informed him that I would post a public video of this system not working properly on YouTube.

This is a video of the way my vehicle acts when put into reverse with nothing behind it or to the sides of the vehicle. In parking garages the beep is solid and very annoying. Brady’s Auto Body in Vancouver, WA sends me to the dealer and Alan Webb Nissan sends me back to the Auto Body Shop. I’ve been bounced back and forth with no resolution. I test drove other Nissan Armadas that have not been wrecked and they don’t have this problem even of the same year that I own which is a 2012 Nissan Armada. I wanted to trade it in, but since the other dealers know that I am having this issue they want to subtract the $4707.01 off the value of the vehicle. My vehicle has suffered a loss and I am so far unable to recover the loss.

The insurance Agent of the person that backed into my vehicle is as follows. I obtained a copy of this information from the driver that backed into my parked vehicle.
Allstate Insurance: Shawn Schmidtke
(503) 234-5628
8405 SE 17th
Portland, OR 97202

The claims representative assigned to me is below with his contact info.
(503) 603-5916

Senior Claim Service Analyst
503-603-5925 direct
888-442-6219 x 603-5925 toll free
503-603-5967 fax

Julian’s manager contact is below

Board of directors email

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