“i am rubber you’re glue watever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”: and you never thought that things that stupid people said to each other in 3rd grade would be the truth


  1. the99exit99channel

    see the huge difference between asshole terrorist al Shajeri and a normal u.s. sheriff is that a normal sheriff is supposed to solve crimes for people.  asshole terrorist al Shajeri has never solved a crime in 10 years.  all he does is kidnap innocent little white boys at gunpoint and send ransom demands to their family in another state.

    matter of fact when i asked politely for a civil attorney for the original eatonville incident [which is best described as a botched attempt to make a forced interracial gay snuff movie]  in 2002 domestic terrorist asshole al ShaJeri helped one of his cocaine dealer friends steal all of my property including all of my computer equipment text books technical reference manual and work clothes.  he sent one of his "deputies" to my house and said that they knew who did it and they had a full on confession but i wasn't getting my stuff back and the girl that did it wasn't getting arrested.

  2. the99exit99channel

    a couple of years later after they refused to return $20,000 of stolen property including furniture and electronics when their civil complaint was supposed to be going to a civil hearing all of the sudden all they wanted to talk about was some imaginary empty 30 cent beer can from some false report from some retarded asshole crack addict friend of theirs from a 7-11 [723 mills ave orlando , fl 32804].  they had another chance to solve a crime which was a false felony report by their retarded asshole crack dealer friend and all they had to do was look at a 2 minute video but instead they committed aggravated armed stalking and armed kidnapping and were concealing intent to commit murder discharging a firearm during a falsified armed felony pursuit.  the video would show asshole terrorist al ShaJeri's "deputies" talking to their crack dealer friend in video inside the 7-11 less than a half hour before it happened.

  3. the99exit99channel

    [oh and btw asshole terrorist al ShaJeri is the domestic terrorist who was responsible for getting alQaeda nation of islam terrorists into north amerika in 1999 and 2000 through mohammed atta's airport in orlando and helping them train to attack new york and washington.  mohammed atta's airport is under terrorist al ShaJeri's false state "jurisdiction" territory and a chief of terrorist OPD false "city" of orlando.  16 of 19 9/11 nation of islam hijackers entered north amerika through that airport courtesy of terrorist al ShaJeri.  he and his terrorist friends got them all nice rides to flight school, a nice beach house to stay in, some nice local white stripper girlfriends, false "state of florida" drivers licenses and false visas.  that all been verified 10 years ago.]

  4. the99exit99channel

    &to correct the false headline their local terrorist newspaper is still showing this morning this is the headline you are currently looking for asshole terrorist al ShaJeri, asshole terrorist al ShaBuddy and asshole terrorist al ShaKevin "WORLDS MOST VIOLENT INSURANCE FRAUD FUGITIVES APPREHENDED BY U.S. FOREIGN ANTI-TERRORIST SQUAD AFTER HOSTAGE SHOOTOUT AT DISNEY WORLD WITH LOCAL al ShaBob TERRORISTS WHO WERE ARMED WITH STOLEN MACHINE GUNS AND HAD STOLEN POLICE UNIFORMS:"


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