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This is a recording of the session as it was broadcast live by our partners, PRONAFIM, and is best watched with headphones as it has been recorded with the original audio and the interpretation playing simultaneously. Listen to the original audio (predominantly English) on the LEFT side; listen to the interpretation (predominantly Spanish) on the RIGHT side. Unfortunately, when the speaker is talking in Spanish, the English interpretation has not been included. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Innovations in Agricultural Finance: The Way Forward to Include Smallholder Households in Rural Financial Systems

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 | 17:00 – 18:30 hrs

Featured speakers
* Dr. Claudio González-Vega, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University, USA
* Ana Luisa Estrada, Oficial de Programa PROAF, Fideicomisos Instituidos con Relación a la Agricultura (FIRA), Mexico
* Marcelo Mallea, Gerente General, Financiera Sembrar Sartawi, Bolivia
* Víctor Celaya del Toro, Director General de Atención al Cambio Climático, SAGARPA, Mexico
* Claudio García Salgo, Director de Desarrollo de Negocios, BANAMEX, Mexico
* Dr. Emilio Hernández-Hernández, Oficial de Finanzas Agropecuarias, FAO, Italy


During this workshop the FAO will provide the latest trends showing the development of rural and agricultural financial markets in developing countries. This will motivate the discussion on an emerging number of innovations in the delivery of agricultural financial products that are more inclusive of smallholder households.

Specific innovative approaches to facilitate and deliver agricultural credit, savings and insurance, will be described by those financial institutions and development practitioners implementing them. These organizations include financial service providers like Sembrar-Sartawi from Bolivia, and FIRA and Banamex from México. In addition, public interventions made by SAGARPA from México to promote the development of agricultural insurance markets will be showcased. Additional cases from Africa and Asia will be presented.

The achievements and remaining challenges will be identified by academic leaders from the Ohio State University, in order to motivate an interactive discussion on the way forward to promote rural financial markets in developing countries that are more inclusive of smallholder households.

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