Will my insurance cover Fashion Eyewear?

Have you ever looked at someone’s old high school year book and laughed at the glasses that the kids wore? They didn’t have much of a choice and, yes, they would probably like to Photoshop their photos to eliminate the glasses. It took forever, however, for the fashion industry to understand that glasses should make us look better, not just see better. Voila! The birth of fashion eyewear!

Of course, fashion doesn’t always come cheap, and by the time you choose a frame that you just can’t live without, and add the lenses with coatings and UV safety features, you could easily be looking at over $500.

If you’ve never learned to bargain hunt, however, this is certainly the time to do it! Sales, coupons, deals, discounts and even insurance plans are all over the place. Frequently you can find all sorts of well priced frames on sale at the large vision care retailers, and coupons can be found in any Sunday paper or junk mail circulars (stop throwing those things away!). Some of the frames on sale look identical to the high priced designer options, and are probably the same, if not better, quality.

Also, check with your insurance company to see if you are covered for not only periodic Eye Exams, but for a percentage off the actual eyeglasses as well. If you happen to have a private dental insurance company, many of these pair up with eyeglass retailers to offer some very nice discounts. Check your dental insurance card to see if this is the case.

Eyewear has become such a popular fashion accessory over the past year or so that even clothing manufacturers are getting into the game and making frames that match their signature clothing lines. For instance, you can buy a plaid Burberry scarf and get metal eyeglass frames to really pull together an entire outfit.

If you happen to have perfect vision but would still like to take advantage of some of the benefits that glasses offer, you are in luck! A pair of eye glasses can add years or IQ points to someone’s appearance. Business people who manage older team members can add a pair of glasses to help them look older and wiser so they will get the respect they deserve.

Think about adding some prescription sunglasses as well. Retailers usually have great coupons for these if you buy the regular plastic eyeglasses, too.

Sure, all this can turn into some serious cash if you don’t do enough due diligence. But even if the price is high, you’re going to look great! Isn’t that what really counts?

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