Will I have to pay back my health insurance company if I receive damages in my…

Will I have to pay back my health insurance company if I receive damages in my Texas personal injury case?
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When you use health insurance to pay for your medical care because you’ve been injured by some other third party, you may have to pay back your health insurance company if you receive money from the third party. However, it depends upon the insurance contract and the law as it relates to that health care insurance provider. So in Texas, if you have health insurance, the contract’s gonna control what if anything you pay back. However, if you have Medicaid, Medicare, or government oriented health insurance, you may be required to pay them back in whole or part. Oftentimes there’s a separate negotiation in how you pay back a health insurance company, whether it’s your private health insurance company or a government type of health insurance. When it’s a government type of health insurance, it’s called a lien. When it’s non-government type of health insurance, it’s called a subrogation. There’s various categories of health insurance that require you to either pay back in whole or in part from the third party that paid you your settlement.

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