Why I Don’t Have Health Insurance

A lot of people have asked me about my views on Health Insurance and why choose not to have it. In this video I share my thoughts from my experiences on this subject. Thanks for your interest! I’m honored to share with all of you. As always, I so encourage everyone to do what feels right for them and to rock their unique lives!

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34 Replies to “Why I Don’t Have Health Insurance”

  1. " If you get sick, who is going to pay for you?" "Paying in helps others". These are both comments which promote the lack of personal responsibility, which must go hand-in-hand with liberty. We should help others in ways we can, but being a cog in a collectivist, government machine is not the way.

    Brittany, I deeply respect the way you have chosen. Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. Totally agree. I don't have health insurance and I don't feel like I need it. Sadly the government forces us to have it or you'll have to pay a fine for not having insurance. It's total BS I should get a discount for not having to use insurance!!!

  3. ok if you don't wanna spend money on health insurance. But don't do this if you have people that are depending on you. For instance children. Or when you are in a relationship or married. It just works if you are super single and free. Because you relatives WILL pay that 40.000 dollar to keep you alive after a car crash or that 100.000 dollar for your cancertreatment.
    I remember one docu i saw about a poor woman from the Bangladesh that got a microcredit to be able to start a little clothing bussiness. At first it worked, she was even able to get a house, but then in her (rather large) family one person had to go to the hospital, and she payed the bill. Onto the point she was in debt.
    Recently i was in Asia and Australia. In Australia i noticed quite some people walking with braces or sticks. Something like this i don't see in my country. It points out for me, that if there is no proper healthcare, you will actually see more people that are vicitim of that. Well in Australia people are beiing patched up. In Asia it is much worse. You see the invalids dragging themselves through the streets.
    I would see to people that don't insure : Look if it is realistic for you, how old are you, are you fit, are you single, do you have parents etc etc

  4. I fully support you in doing this. What I will say is, unfortunately when it comes to health concerns we don't just have to worry about our diet, there are plenty of toxins in the environment that can set a disease into motion, and the latency period could be decades. You may have already been exposed to something you're unaware of that will affect you later in life. And there is something to be said for epigenetics, but it can only do so much. We all have genetic predispositions and just how much we can affect those is still uncertain. My opinion on insurance is we can use it to see more holistic doctors with a more functional approach who will accept our insurance. I've seen these doctors and they are great because they mostly prescribe supplements, dietary, and lifestyle changes and have a wider knowledge base than I, thus they can assist me on my healing journey. That being said, even if you need insurance in the future due to a condition that manifests itself, I'm pretty sure you can get insurance then. The PPACA in America (ObamaCare) is supposed to be set up as such that no insurance companies can ever deny you due to a preexisting condition as they used to be able to. So if anything happens, the option is always there for you to take if you need it. I eat mostly vegan and live a very healthy lifestyle but as a teenager I had cancer (I'm 23 now) and developed some chronic conditions. For me, it could quickly become disastrous to live without insurance. But everyone's experience is a different one. As long as you are healthy and happy, I think you are doing alright.

  5. What about when You need to replace your Mirena IUD ? I just got one today ( I used to have the copper)
    it was $500 but because I have coverage I only had to pay $40. which made the difference on whether I could get it or not.

  6. I'm from the Netherlands. Here health Insurance is obligated. If you do not have one, you will get a bill with all the pay offs you missed and a big fine to top it off. I did this year take an extra coverage Insurance (150euros a month), so my son and I can go to the dentist and he can have dental braces. In december he will be 18 and he has to pay for it himself. I have been thinking if I'm alone (when he moves out) I'll take a basic Insurance where I buy off my own contribution. (Basic Insurance is about 100euro and with a higher own contribution about 50euros). That's the cheapest I can go here in the Netherlands.

  7. do u think its possible for someone who has a heart condition, and needs periodic surgeries, to be able to go without health insurance? like is there some epic free options out there. like what the heck would happen to someone like me if i wasnt in the system? i dunno if u even have enough experience with all that to really answer, but i like to ask around and get ideas from many ppl

  8. Watching this and reading the comments make me realise how lucky the UK is to have the NHS although it's being sold off. We know we have healthcare when we need it but we don't need insurance. So happy to live in a country where (for now) we can focus on the best case scenario. Worst case is that we get the care we need, regardless of income

  9. I am sorry, but there are things you cannot protect yourself against only through a healthy lifestyle…bad luck can knock on anyone. My say is that if you don't want to worry about health insurance, move somewhere where healthcare is free. And please mind your skin!

  10. It's unbelievable what people tend to believe in…health insurance is not to cover expenses from a sore throat. What happens when you get hit by a car, fall on a slippery floor etc. and break your back so you can't walk anymore? Who will cover your hospital stay, your expenses for a wheelchair etc etc? The main reason why I would NEVER move away from Germany is because we get free health insurance which covers EVERYTHING that happens to us. And that's the most valuable thing in the world (apart from free education). And what if you get dengue, ebola or something else? Getting sick is a part of life and you have absolutely no control over mosquito transmitted diseases. Well, have fun living on other people's money if you do get sick. Don't know if that goes with your "I am so alternative and independant" state of mind.

  11. Is the govt. trying to force you to get ins. or get fined? My mother has been fighting this forced insurance thing for a couple of yrs. now and it's kinda frustrating that even though she has no medical records since the early 90's (only because she had a tumor that absolutely had to be removed) other than that she just does not go and won't go , ever. I know you don't have an address, so maybe your off the radar? Just wondering if you have had any dealings such as this? Also wanted to tell you, I have always been sick too. With pnumonia, the flu, am hoping this new life I'm living will show signs in my health also. Guess I'll find out when I don't get sick! Thanks for the video. Great as always.

  12. I agree with part of what you say and I will be interested to see how your outlook changes as your body deteriorates naturally through aging. I agree that our bodies ARE incredible! I have radically changed my diet and personal care the past several years and my health has improved. I am fortunate to know more about "alternative" health care and holistic medicine. I do carry health insurance for the same reasons I carry car insurance. Catastrophic things happen despite our best efforts. Not everyone has the resources to go to foreign countries for less expensive treatment.

  13. I am 29, in relatively good health, and now forced with the decision of getting healthcare coverage from the marketplace. I was recently dropped from my State subsized health plan. In the past year, I have gone to the dentist twice for routine cleanings and the doctor once for an annual physical. Clearly, I do not abuse the system. I used the healthcare system for preventive means, and nothing else. I don't think I am invincible, and will never need insurance. But I also cannot justify paying into a system that mandates insurance. Let's face it, 99% of healthcare problems are caused by poor diet and exercise. Genetics is just an extension of that. Passing on poor diet and exercise habits down to your children. Sure, there are the 1% scenarios, extreme car crashes, the outta of the blue cancer diagnosis. But in general, the majority of health problems in this country could be solved thru better diet and exercise. Doctors don't keep people healthy, people keep people healthy!Brittany, this is a wonderful video, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. I felt compelled to write a comment after reading through all the comments, and not seeing one about insurance in general. No statistics, no probability. Just aggressive comments about you can't avoid it, you will get sick, you will die, buy insurance. Fear-mongering, basically. How many of these people are insurance execs or work in the healthcare system that makes money off this criminal healthcare system?I refuse to subsidize a system, that does not reward healthy behavior. Why should I pay into a system that is broken? I am not invincible. I do think think there will be a day when I need healthcare services. But I should have enough money saved from not paying premiums over the years to cover my costs, and still come out way ahead. "A broken arm can make you go bankrupt", as one commenter wrote. Give me a break, haha. Even I, who makes a modest income, thinks that is ridiculous. I think Brittany's take on "do what feels right for you" couldn't have been said any better. For me, it doesn't feel right. Paying into a system that rewards unhealthy behavior. Why should I help cover the costs of diabetes and high blood pressure meds for a family that is obese and eats fries, burgers and Cokes all the time? Please someone tell me. And yes, I do pay taxes. I'm sure Brittany does too. Not paying for insurance means you pay the fine, which is getting bigger each year. The cost benefit to not having insurance is shrinking each year, as the fine rises. But again, what are you really paying into if you pay for a low-cost high deductible plan? You are paying for the what-if, the one in 100,000. Sure I know there is 1 person out there, that will get seriously sick or injured, but that doesn't make it the right decision financially, morally or personally. Why do all the non-profit health insurance companies make so much damn money if there wasn't enough money to fund the system? It's just a grand scheme to let the medical industry profit, and let the poor, uneducated and lazy get their free healthcare and perpetuate the whole entire system. The average person pays into it and receives little benefit in return. If you ask me, we need to let the unhealthy folks pay for their visits to the Doc. Pay for their meds. If they don't have the money, then they won't get the treatment they need. Maybe it will start forcing them to make better lifestyle changes. But a lot of people like this system. Healthcare execs profit, lazy people get free healthcare and get to continue their unhealthy behaviors, industry like alcohol, tobacco and sugar get to keep pushing their toxic products. Everyone is happy, but the healthy, low-healthcare user that responsibly pays their premiums each month subsidizes the whole thing and keeps it afloat. The only way to change this is to wisen up and realize what you are doing with your health premium dollars. Essentially you are voting keep this system going. Eventually it will crumble. But not until the middle class smartens up a little. If you read the healthcare.gov website, failure to pay the fine is not a criminal offense, or result in any additional taxes. I personally will pay the fine, so that I can receive tax refunds in years to come, but that does not mean I agree with the law. You pick your battles. And clearly the government is doing so, by not making it a criminal offense. They know there is a lot of wrong with the mandate. I am generally pro-Democratic, and supported the ACA until now. I was optimistic at first that the law would lower health care and prevent abuses. But now I realize that subsiding the poor's and unhealthy's decisions is just a recipe for disaster. Healthcare is a not a right. Having a brilliant surgeon save your life is not a God Given right. Everything in life has a cost, and healthcare is no different. We live in a world driven by money and greed. I as a minimalist, don't like it, but accept the reality behind it. I don't expect a hand out of free healthcare. I only expect to pay for the portion I use. And ultimately that is why I will not pay into a system that is broken.

  14. I hope you can continue to be healthy and safe, I also think of health insurance as planning for a worst case scenario, which personally I think is important. I don't want to live my whole life in fear and or turn down opportunities because of what ifs, but some things are so out of our control. For example, my immediate family and I were in a near fatal car accident (we were hit by an intoxicated driver) in December and my medical bills reached 60k. If I hadn't had health insurance I would be in debt for the rest of my life. I love my minimalist life (I live in a 150 sq foot house!) but health insurance can save you from decades of debt :)

  15. I had a job, so I always had it. It is super expensive, if you do not get it free with your employer. I do. To like medications, and I avoid doctors, who makes tons of money putting us on medications, that can and will kill you. Accidents can happen. But if you do not have insurance, they will send you away.

  16. As always, I really love your non-judgemental approach, Brittany. I am learning from it and applying it to my interactions with people. You give your viewers a model for how to discuss all kinds of issues in a civilized and open manner without disrespecting each other. It's fantastic.

  17. that is pretty short sighted… an insurance is not only for your worst case scenario, but also for other peoples … so working togehter with other people, you don't even know. things you can't take care of easily happen, every day, car accidents, work accidents, …whatever… not everybody can afford going to asia for a cheap tooth cleaning, and even the free clinics are based on your support with paying taxes. there is more to it, so all of you "we are forced into something"… it's a social thing and it makes working, living together and helping each other in a (huge) community.

  18. Insurance companies need to do more to support healthy life styles…….this will reduce health care costs in the long run.
    Riding a bike is fun and good exercise………walking, bicycles and mass transit will all be part of making cities livable.
    Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
    Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers need to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health. Insurance companies need to take a more active role in encouraging healthy eating habits and getting proper exercise daily.

  19. Great video and great points. Did you have to pay the Obama penalty last year for not having insurance? I think the new system of being mandated to have insurance or else pay a penalty at tax time is totally wrong. Thanks again for sharing.

  20. And don't you HATE having to pay yearly fines for your choice not to have it? I don't have health insurance either, but I don't have it because I can't afford it, and I hate that I have to give over $400 when every April arrives, because I am too broke to put it towards my own health. If Obama really cared, he would put my yearly fines into an account created just for me so it will add up and come back to me in the form of… drum rolls… HEALTH INSURANCE. What he created is an absurd joke.

  21. Interesting… In Germany everyone is forced to have health insurance. People who can't pay for the insurance or don't want to have one have to pay a big penalty for every month. I'm quite happy to have health insurance anyway. But it's quite expensive, so I use the doctor check ups regularly. :)

  22. That all sounds great, but the reality is that everyone gets sick in their lifetime and seriously so. Not too many that can say they haven't if they have lived long enough. Having insurance is your decision but the other side of that is what happens if you do need to go to the hospital? Who pays for it? We do. You are not putting into the system but you will partake. It's a bit unfair to me when I struggle to provide medical care for my own family and see my rates rise to cover others who don't put in but eventually will use or system.

  23. Oh, how I wish your reasons for skipping health insurance made total sense and we could all will our way through life with no emergencies.  That is what insurance is for, and simply put, if we are all contributing to a program , we are insuring that astronomical costs of emergency care are shouldered by all of us in this nation.  People who don't contribute and incur accidents or life-threatening illnesses (not from poor lifestyle) will simply see the hospital social worker, declare their poverty and have their costs drastically reduced and perhaps pay a few bucks per month on a debt that they may never repay.  But that cost does not simply vanish,  I and everyone else paying premiums will pick up the tab.  Nothing is FREE; somebody else is paying for what you get for free.

    When I was young, I thought as you do.  I realize you are just expressing your views, so keep it up and I really do enjoy many of your presentations.

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