Why Choose Black Box Insurance? | Think Insurance

At Think Insurance we know that most young drivers are careful, responsible and want to learn how to improve their skills, but due to the actions of some, find getting an affordable car insurance policy both difficult and expensive. This is why Think Insurance offer Black Box insurance policies as a solution for young drivers that are struggling to find competitively priced young driver insurance, to help get them on the road.

The benefits of a Black Box insurance policy aren’t just limited to saving you money on the cost of your Young Driver insurance; it also helps you improve your driving ability, giving you information on the areas that you need to improve on such as braking, speeding and how you drive around corners. In the event your car gets stolen, the black box can act as a tracker and will be able to give you the exact location, hopefully allowing the police to retrieve your vehicle. In addition, if you’re ever in an accident that isn’t your fault, the black box can help to prove your innocence by recording what happened leading up to, at the point of, and immediately after the crash has happened.

One of the best things about having a Black Box insurance policy with Think Insurance is that you will be rewarded for good driving when it comes time to renew your policy. Plus, you’ll receive discounts for driving less miles, and there aren’t any restrictions or curfews on our policies.

So who can benefit from a Young Driver insurance policy? Our Black Box insurance policies are primarily aimed at anyone between the ages of 17 and 25; from provisional drivers, to those that are newly passed, and even drivers with a couple of years’ experience looking to further improve their skills and become better, safer drivers.
A black box isn’t the only great thing about getting telematics insurance from Think Insurance. We offer flexible payment options, breakdown cover, windscreen & glass cover, a 24/7 claims helpline and exceptional customer service. In addition you only buy the miles you need and you can pay by instalments. All of these things help explain why we have been voted the ‘Best Insurance Broker in the UK’ for four years running.

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