Why Cancer Insurance and Do I Need It?

Let me begin by saying that I have had cancer. I had throat cancer and I never smoked. It kind of took the wind out of my sails, surprised me, made me mad, all of that stuff. But my family has had somewhat of a history with cancer. When all is said and done you have two options, deal with and take the medicine or let it go and stand the chance of it killing you.

But you have good health insurance so you think there is no need for it. It some ways you could be right. I was working with a great company and had good group coverage.

I took another approach with my treatments. In order to get these treatments, I had to travel to Memphis, Tennessee about two and a half hours away. Insurance did not pay for my mileage. It also did not pay if I chose to get a motel room if we decided to spend the night for the next days treatments. Since I was receiving radiation treatments along with the chemotherapy, the doctors wanted all the treatments in the same clinic in case there was a problem; they knew exactly the direction to turn. So we drove back and forth to Memphis quite a bit. Insurance does not pay for your meals either. Now going back and forth to Memphis every day, the radiation and chemo was starting to take its toll on me so I was having difficulty talking, eating, etc. I could not work either. I was a commissioned paid salesperson.

Cancer insurance, as a rule, pays you a lump sum dollar amount if you are diagnosed with internal or life threatening cancer. That amount is typically what you would select. It may be $ 5,000.00 on up depending on your selection. This money is paid regardless of your group or individual health insurance policy.

So let's look at my situation. If I had had cancer insurance and say I had selected the payout benefit of $ 10,000.00. That money could have been paid to offset not only the deductible of my health insurance, but also all my traveling expenses, meals, pay bills since I was not working, the small expenses that jump up at you that you just never see.

If you are a smoker, heavy drinker, if there is a history of cancer in your family, you should look into the thought of having cancer insurance. It is just a good sound financial plan. The same is true if there is a history of heart attacks, strokes, etc. Think about it.

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