Why Are You Rejected by Short Term Health Coverage?

Due to high medical cost in the current economy situation, short term health insurance is specially designed to cover our medical needs within a certain time frame. This short term plan is very popular because the cost is low and it is suitable for people who are currently unemployed. However, not everyone is able to obtain this temporary health coverage. Due to their “unsatisfied” health condition, they are rejected by the insurance companies who do not want to bear any business risk.

Below are the possible reasons that the applicants may be rejected by the insurance providers for obtaining short term health coverage:

·        For those men with total weight over 300 lbs and for those women whose total weight is over 250 lbs
·        For people who have heart attack or heart disorder problem
·        For people who are suffering from chest pain
·        HIV patients
·        Heavy alcohol drinkers
·        People who have suffered kidney disorder or stones, stroke, cancer or tumor and diabetes in the past five years

Besides, for people who have abnormal medical test results, they may also be denied. In normal circumstances, people for who have been rejected to obtain standard healthcare plan are normally denied by temporary medical coverage.

If you are one of the rejected applicants, don’t be upset and don’t be stressful. Although you may not get sufficient medical protection in your life, there are alternatives for you. You can purchase discounted medical card to save some of your medical costs. Besides, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, you can keep yourself fit and free from sicknesses by applying a healthy lifestyle.

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