What to Ask an Exterminator: Pest Control Raleigh

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When you are tired of sharing your living space with bugs, it’s time to call Raleigh pest control. Be prepared to ask some knowledgeable questions. Are their products proven safe, reliable, and eco-friendly? Do they offer pest control services both inside and outside of the house? What kind of guarantees do they offer? Make sure you see the guarantee in writing. Do they have full-time technicians to accommodate your scheduling needs? Ask about free inspections and re-servicing charges. Does the company itself carry liability insurance? Having answers to questions like these, you’ll feel confident in hiring a Raleigh pest control company.

Termite Damage:  Pest Control Raleigh

Termites do thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes in the area every year, and the warmer weather of spring is a favorite time for termites to swarm. You may not see an actual swarm, but that’s not to say your home doesn’t have termites. Termites can chew through floors, carpeting, and walls, and the damage is mostly likely not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If you don’t have regularly scheduled termite inspections, now would be a good time to start. A great service offered by Raleigh pest control is their free termite inspection. A Raleigh pest control technician can help you rest assured that these little destroyers are not infesting your home.

Enough Is Enough: Pest Control Raleigh

What kind of picture pops into your mind when you hear the word “pest”? You might think of the bully in 3rd grade or the neighbor’s dog that insists on doing his duty in your yard. A pest is someone or something that is annoying, a nuisance, or a threat. Guess what? Ants and spiders and cockroaches are pests! And I think we should add another definition to the word pest: hard to get rid of. If you find yourself being frustrated by bugs, it’s time to call  pest control Raleigh. The professionals at Raleigh pest control have the expertise needed to rid your home of these hard-to-get-rid-of pests.

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