What A Sexist Libertarian Thinks Of Women’s Health Insurance

“Libertarian Fox Business host John Stossel argued on Thursday women should be forced to pay more for health insurance because “maybe they’re hypochondriacs” and use more services.”* Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian and Steve Oh discuss Stossel’s comments and the real impact of Obamacare on women.

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48 thoughts on “What A Sexist Libertarian Thinks Of Women’s Health Insurance

  1. Taleed Brown

    So you ignore the realism of his statements. Call him sexist for pointing out how markets work. And then go on to laugh & glorify a physical assault against him? Smh, these guys are the epitome of ignorance.

  2. seinfan9

    The Young Turds pointing out and acknowledging the differences between men and women in their use of healthcare, but still feel women shouldn't be obliged to pay more. Are these guys really that slow?

    And it's always "the woman's choice" when it comes to abortion, but if she decides to keep it, the man is now magically responsible too? Two-faced schmucks, the lot of them.

  3. BandytaCzasu

    OK women are hypochondriacs, I'm sorry, smart, and so they live long like elephants, people in their 80s, 90s, 100s are more likely to be women than men, those oldies require very expensive medical care, if a man dies in his 50s then that's it, cheaper insurance is a form of incentive for not caring for himself, so he has no use of his pension and the society can take it. Of course if women want to live 1000 years they should pay more in premiums.  

  4. Alex R

    so he's sexist against women because he is against forcing insurance companies to give away free services to women by charging them less than what they take out…?! dammit tyt get it together, this isn't sexism, sexism is discrimination of genders for the sake of being against women and no reason; if a particular gender, however, happened, provably, to cost more money, then they are losing money with this scheme – why should they be forced to lose money?

  5. MrOrangeGrass

    Stossel is probably right. Using ad homonyms is taking away the substance from the debate. I think he was merely saying that in jest when he mentioned women go to the doctor more because they're smarter or they're hypochondriacs based on his sarcastic tone and from what I've heard him say before when discussing health care and insurance. I guess I'm a misogynistic sexist pig now…? 

  6. peacockj08

    Why are you labeling this man as a libertarian. He is not at all Libertarian, he is conservative. A libertarian would argue that there should only be private healthcare, and you should not be forced to buy it.

  7. James Toro

    These people obviously don't understand basic economic principles. It is so easy to attribute the higher cost that women pay for health insurance to greed and discrimination. That women pay more for health insurance because they on average visit the doctor more and on average live longer than men, is a statement that less emotionally appealing. It, however, is the correct statement. Women on average pay less than men do for car insurance because they tend to be better drivers, contrary, to the women-are-bad-drivers stereotype, yet I have never met a liberal who advocates equality in car insurance payments. Lastly, let us not equate fairness and justice to taking from some and giving to others through coercion. That women are different from men is not a nefarious notion, but instead a simple reality. Shame on The Young Turks. 

  8. Keith H

    i love how the one guy talks about getting the offer for one or two teeth cleanings a year. his perception on why they do that is warped. its not to prevent people from getting cavities, its for more MONEY from the person. Recent studies show that profressional dentist's teeth cleaning are no more useful to someone who brushes regularly. this is a perfect example of how dentists and insurance companies work together to fool americans by making them believe certain "preventative services" are needed, when in fact, many of them aren't. can't you see how amplified things like that would get if we switched to a single-payer system? we as individuals would know even LESS about what care we actually need and how much it should cost. Once again, the Young Turks are just misinformed.  

  9. Keith H

    i love how they say "what stossel said was just a needless jab" then they show a video of him getting beaten up. there seriously needs to be a button that next to subscribe that says "not in a million years"

  10. Leonardo Gómez

    It is absolutely stupid to think that helthcare insurance fees are determined by sexism. The fees are determined by statistics and demographics, in some places is more expensive to ensure some people than other people, sadly, most of the time, women are most expensive, in some cases by little, in some cases by much.
    An insurance company is all about profits, as it should, don’t be so narrow minded to think that any insurance company would sacrifice a dime of those profits for the sake of sexism.

  11. The _Agitated _Agarians


    What a load of horse shit.

    Women have the choice to either:

    A. Have no baby and spend no money.


    B. Have a baby at the cost of money.

    Men have one choice:

    A. Have no baby and spend no money.

    Biology acts in favor of women, dimwit. I swear, these liberals are total philosophy virgins.

  12. Harry Flashman

    Wow these people are honestly WORSE than a liberal equivalent of Faux news. I mean FOX panders, is sensationalist and speculates based only on their own ideologies, but these guys take it to a whole other level. It's funny that they basically just shit on FOX most of the time, when they are honestly beneath fox news. And that says a lot.

    Seriously though they couldn't be bothered to do like an hour of research before uploading this? Basically anyone who understands how insurance works can see right through their bullshit here. I'm sure even hard leftists would be embarrassed by these folk.

  13. Ben Baker

    "Why Women Pay Less for Car Insurance
    Auto insurance companies calculate their risk when they determine your premium.

    Calculating risk means using historical data to make an educated estimate of the likelihood of a covered person being in an accident.

    The statistics tend to show that as a group, women are less likely to:

    Get into a car accident.
    Commit moving violations, like speeding and driving under the influence (DUI).
    Buy cars that are more costly to insure.
    Drive as many miles as the average male driver.
    For the reasons above, car insurance for women is typically cheaper than it is for men."

    Strange, it's almost like businesses charge more or less overall based on gender because the genders are different and tend need more or less of certain services. Try not to short out that weak little brain trying to process this.

  14. Mike Donnelly

    The profit margin for health insurance is 8.3 percent according to yahoo finance. Not very much. I'll take the expertise of actuaries over people talking out of their ass on camera

  15. Logic Time

    Ana is the most stupid person in this planet. Even after excluding prgnency, women go to doctors more than men. On the other hand thet pay less in life insurance because they live 7 years (average) more than men.

  16. Joseph be stallin'

    -men pay more for car insurance because they are statistically more prone to be involved in car accidents.

    -men pay more for life insurance because statistically they die faster then women.

    -women pay the same amount of money as men for health insurance because statistics show that they use more medical services.

    something doesn't add up here…

    the young turks should really stay away from anything that requires logic.

  17. Pomerantz

    By their logic, it's sexist and unfair that women have to pay for tampons and pads while men don't. Just because they have vaginas and menstrual cycles doesn't mean that they should have to add an extra expense when they have no choice over the matter and "in a way it's kind of discriminatory." If anything, these hosts are the ones that are discriminatory. Is it fair that people with poor vision have to wear glasses and add an expense? Instead of fighting for only women and minorities, why don't they fight for all people with disadvantages in society? Isn't it kind of discriminatory that you never hear them talking about how we need to stand up for people who were born ugly? After all, a recent statistic showed that people who are beautiful and tall are more likely to get a higher paying job. That's kind of unfair. I thought America was all about justice and fairness. Isn't that our goal?
    These people are absolutely ridiculous. Maybe if they took their premises and carried them to their logical conclusions they would realize how foolish they are, but they would probably just say "but-but that's totally different! you can't compare the two!" because of some minute, inane details.

  18. Lowmomome

    You know why many Americans under the last years have abandon the typical Redemocraic Party to go the Libertarian-Volutantirst Ideology?, because of people like you, who think inside the box, the democrat-republican debate is always the same, the government should spend on here, the other says no spend here, but overall is the same thing, now LIBERTARIANISM, is THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX, for US the problem is not that women pay higher premiums, for us the problem is PREMIUMS THEM SELFS, government has LEGISLATED AMERICA INTO PREMIUMS, before that, people had insurance only for MAJOR EXPENSES SUCH AS CANCER OR A LARGE OPERATION OR AN ACCIDENT, but for day to day medical care?, no we think that it should be like retail, you buy each individual product at the best price, IMAGINE A FOOD INSURANCE, HOW INEFFECTIVE IT WOULD BE!!!.

    That is why you are no different from Rachael Maddow or MSNBC

  19. Chris Ducat

    2:55 Did TYT have any actual data on this hypothesis (that men wait longer to get care than women, and thus pay a disproportionate amount of money per doctor's visit vs. women) or is it just anecdotal speculation? Women give birth, they need special care during pregnancy…of course things things cost more. We can attempt to balance the costs between men and women, but how is that truly fair?

    On an individual level, of course it's not: if I'm a single man, it's not fair for me that I have to bear extra costs simply because a woman (who I likely don't know) chooses to have children (and thus uses far more health care services than I likely will in that time frame), while I continue to live my own independent life, which likely involves far less need for health care services. Isn't it far more fair for each individual (and groups willing to help each other out, like families) to shoulder their own costs (as Stossel reasonably points out), excepting for those in poverty? Seems totally fair and reasonable to me…trying to "equalize" health care costs for every man, woman, and child seems bizarre and unfair, in comparison.


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