WEBCAST: Insurance and Reinsurance Applications of @RISK

with Examples from Agroasamex and the World Bank

@RISK is one of the most widely used tools by actuaries in the insurance and reinsurance industries. In surveys, the only software more commonly used in the sector are Microsoft Office and proprietary, in-house actuarial programs.

@RISK has a number of applications in this area, among them:
* the determination of optimal insurance and reinsurance strategy;
* setting the appropriate premiums to charge; and
* estimating the proper amount of capital to have in reserves to pay out future claims.

Luisarturo Castellanos has been using @RISK for these types of applications for many years. He has worked as an actuary and risk manager planning for catastrophic risks at Agroasamex, the state agricultural insurance agency of Mexico, and on projects for the World Bank and other clients. In this free live webcast, Luisarturo will draw on his experience to walk through a number of real-life examples demonstrating how @RISK can be used to make better insurance decisions.

Originally recorded: 06 June 2014 by Luisarturo Castellanos

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