VLOG | My First Car!!! Car Tour, Insurance, Tips For Young/New Drivers & Staying In Your Lane RANT!

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Hey Guys!!! So today I’m bringing you a different type of video on my channel! MY FIRST CAR!!!!! If you know me you will know who much I’ve wanted a car!! FOR THE LONGEST!!!! And I’m so happy that I finally own one, literally the best investment ever!!! This video is gonna be real talks on affording your first car and not living to impress others!

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The car I have is a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2


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17 thoughts on “VLOG | My First Car!!! Car Tour, Insurance, Tips For Young/New Drivers & Staying In Your Lane RANT!

  1. Charlie Wiltermood

    If you get peugeot just add fuel you can get a brand new peugeot 108 or a 208 and you pay about £50 per month and the insurance is covered within that £50 all you have to do is add fuel and maintain the car and if you like you can spice it up a bit by adding some nice leather seats and other cool stuff but obviously this all comes at a cost so i would avoid it for a first car you get a/c and an infotainment system as standard which includes a DAB radio, satnav and other cool gadgets!

  2. Mario X

    I passed my driving just over 6 weeks now, I wanted to get a 2013 VW Scirocco and I was willing to pay thousands of pound for insurance, but after watching this video a few weeks ago I decided yeah, your right why do I need a fast sport car for my first car when I cant really afford it as I'm a student, I totally changed my mind and brought a 2007 Vauxhall Corsa instead and I'm really happy with it! And I guess alot of people who newly pass do need to come into their senses as theres noone to impress. This video helped alot! Thanks

  3. Natalie Simmons

    Why do you keep stopping when people walk past. You're in the car… People will just think you're speaking to someone hands free on the phone. That and no one cares lol. Live your life girl xx


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