Virginia man sentenced in life insurance fraud case

Krystal Morris reports: Virginian Danny Marks, 41, has been sentenced to two years and two months in prison for his plot to defraud life insurance companies out of millions of dollars, WAVY-TV reports. Marks’ brother Mitchell was sentenced to 10 years in prison last week on related charges.
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5 thoughts on “Virginia man sentenced in life insurance fraud case

  1. actorpatel

    This is Big fraud..Jagdish N Patel
    New York Life Insurance company
    399 Thornall st 7th Floor Edison NJ 08820
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  2. Heesim Wineeqe

    Insurance Co's, commit more fraud on policy holders. They deny ur claim 95% of the time, then put the boot leg paper chaise on your head to anger you. this rarely happen to rich people. Only working class people, & fixed income Senior's get the shake down. Save ur money in the bank ,or Credit union & designate a beneficiary.

  3. Jeffrey J.

    Somehow I don't think the United States of America would have this issue if it had socialized medicine like the United Kingdom or Canada. Moreover, underprivileged people get wrongfully charged for insurance fraud often, whereas the rich S.O.B.'s who own these insurance companies never seem to see the inside of a jail or prison cell after they have violated these same laws. Just another recipe for a Fascist totalitarian police state.


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