Uninsurable for Health Insurance?

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Individuals with pre existing conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, liver disease, AIDS, depression and a long list of other health conditions, have found it almost impossible to find affordable healthcare. These health issues are causing thousands of individuals to be declined for health insurance. If you are looking for uninsurable health insurance or pre existing condition health insurance, you know how hard a task that can be.

Sometimes preexisting conditions allow an insurance company to deny your health insurance request. However, there are ways you can be provided with affordable healthcare coverage. If you can combine creative insurance planning with the knowledge and understanding of what is available, you’ll greatly reduce the chance of potential financial strain on you and your family.

Should you find an insurance company that will provide health insurance; you’ll quickly discover that this coverage is not cheap. And… the coverage will probably be limited in scope when compared to the coverage for someone with no known health problems. The bottom line is this, whatever coverage you can get, it’s probably best to take it until something better comes along.

You can find affordable health care. I have listed 6 choices below.

Group Health Insurance: The best choice for those with a chronic conditions, pre existing conditions or even uninsurable. It’s really a guaranteed issue health insurance plan. With group health insurance, coverage is usually provided by your employer or your spouse’s employer. The employee will typically have little, if any, choice concerning the features of the coverage. The main advantage of group insurance: new employees will usually get coverage without any medical questions or concern for a pre existing condition. One disadvantage: coverage usually ends when the employee’s job ends.

Professional Organizations: Most don’t know about this option. A number of professional organizations offer their members a health insurance program as a fringe benefit. This health insurance coverage could be a great way to stay insured if you are uninsurable or have a preexisting condition. This is really like a group health insurance policy. See if you can get access to a membership organization which offers health insurance for preexisting conditions or health insurance for the uninsurable. A valid certification or career experience may be required to join. Other associations might accept your membership without these prerequisites. Look for local and national associations. Even with a yearly membership fee, it still might be worth the money.

Private Individual Health Insurance: If you are without group healthcare coverage from an employer or professional organization health plan, yet you have pre existing conditions that have caused you to be uninsurable, obtaining individual health insurance is probably going be a little tough. If you do find coverage, the premiums will often times be unaffordable. However, this still might be your best choice for now. You can always go with a better plan in the future.

State Risk Pools: For individuals who have serious medical conditions, some states allow access to either private individual health insurance for uninsurable or health plans for uninsurable. These plans are defined as high-risk health insurance pools. Individuals in these state risk pools have access to comprehensive private coverage plans. However, the premiums can be very costly, often double what private health insurance would cost for someone who is healthy. Individuals may find enrollment is closed to a new enrollee or the state pool has a long waiting list. These high-risk pools are often the last resort for people who have serious pre existing conditions and are paying exorbitant fees for their insurance, or who are able to meet key state conditions for enrollment.

Discount Health Cards: Companies selling discount health cards claim to save subscribers money by offering discounts on a hospital, doctor, prescription drugs, dental, vision and chiropractic care. Consumers seeking affordable healthcare may be confused by these health cards. They really are not health insurance. You’re still responsible for paying the medical bills. The discount health card simply offers a reduced price for services from participating healthcare providers. They often times make grossly inflated promises on expected benefits and savings. Use caution when purchasing these discount health cards. You may pay more than you save.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance: For those who are uninsurable, those with preexisting conditions or someone who just can not afford or qualify for health insurance, then a guaranteed issue health insurance plan may be a good choice. These plans, known as “mini-meds”, are not to be confused with “discount health cards”. These plans are usually quite affordable and offer a considerable amount of coverage. Most pre existing conditions are covered after 12 months. Understand these plans are not basic health insurance or major medical coverage but are limited indemnity plans. This just means the plan pays benefits based on a pre-defined amount per service or procedure. Usually covered are doctor visits, hospital stays, emergency room visits, surgery, accidental death, etc. Most do not require completing medical questions or taking a physical exam to qualify.

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