Types of Pet Insurance Plans

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Currently there are two types of pet insurance plans, each insurance plan is geared towards a specific need of the pet owner, the animal and the financial capacity of the owner.

A full breed dog might need more medical attention than another breed, especially at an older age and with the annual check up and injections. Pet medical insurance plans can provide several different insurance options and will ensure you will be able to provide the best medical care for your pet, for a monthly fee.

The two major USA pet insurance plans that are called the Superior VPI and the Standard VPI plan, both plans you can take your animal or pet to any veterinarian in any part of the world. Remember to keep the original bill and send it off to the insurance company, then the costs occurred will be repaid.

The Differences Between Pet Insurance Plans

There are some differences with the types of pet insurance plans as follows

1. The VPI Superior Insurance Plan.

This pet insurance plan offers coverage for any medical costs that you might have to pay for during the life of your pet such as annual check ups, vets visits, prescription medication, diagnostic testing and lab tests and X-rays. Basically, the insurance will repay anything that your vet might find necessary to keep your pet healthy. This insurance is available for both cats and dogs and will cost approx. $200 on an annual basis.

2. The VPI Standard Plan

The standard Pet insurance plan will covers all the basic procedures and costs for your pet, but you are expected to pay a higher portion of the amount of money yourself for every treatment that you can claim though your pet insurance.

Who Should Opt For These Pet Insurance Plans?

Any animal loving responsible pet owner should at least consider taking out a pet insurance plan for their cat or dog. og owners will be more interested in these type of plans as dogs are expectted to run up costs due to medical problems and need more visits to the vet during their life.

Reasons why you might need a pet insurance plan:

1. You don’t have to worry about not being able to pay the high medical bills that your pet could incur when it falls ill or has an accident.

2. You pay in monthly small amounts instead of a huge sum in one go, great for budgeting.

3. There is no need to worry if you leave your animal in the care of someone else when you go on holiday as they can take the pet to the vet and the bills will be covered still.

4. Owners of full breed dogs that see their dogs as an investment should consider insuring their animal as full breed dogs usually will need more trips to the vet.

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