Types of car insurance scams and ways to avoid them

Car insurance scams are on the raise in the U.S and Canada. Find out what types of scams there are and how you can protect yourself.

A dash cam (in car dashboard camera) is a great way to protect yourself with video evidence and prove your auto insurance company that you are not at fault using video evidence.

1080P in car dashboard camera: Dash Witness

20 Replies to “Types of car insurance scams and ways to avoid them”

  1. oh naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, really?? I didn't know that. I thought we had to drive and be touching their bumper for safety, that way if they brake hard you stop when they stop and not run into them.

  2. The point though – if you had watched and listened to the clip you would have used your bain before commenting – is you can't get scammed by a sudden braker if you maintain your stopping distance. Sadly, very few drivers allow a safe stopping distance. Now you can take the dummy out of your mouth.

  3. insurance is a scam in itself anyway, just due to law that everyone have to get insurance. I have paid the insurance to Allstate for almost 20 years of my hard working money and one day I have a claim and they did not pay me, that is a scam

  4. I often use autoguard Blackbox app and another one to video as I drive. And if an accident happen I wouldn't tell the other person that I video taped the accident. Otherwise they will create lies around the video in which the video wouldn't be able to approve as a lie. So I would continue to let them lie hoping they will create lies in which the video will be able to prove to be lies. I would probably stay silent about the video until it's time to appear in court. 

  5. Happens in the UK too and it's always people who are "well off" or not exactly poor that claim from your insurance,I was accused of denting someone's "company" car in a car park,even had my passenger as a witness,my insurance has gone up from £800 to £1,230 a year if I renew,so I've basically been insured right off the road and have to sell my car,whilst that man enjoys his company cars.

  6. I've seen the second one. Some fuck with a Ford Escort did that to me. Slammed his brakes for no reason on a straight road with little traffic, no animals or anything. This happened right after a lady passenger in the back took a glimpse at me.

    I swerved round the guy trying to do his little scam. I stopped next to him, put my window down and told the scammer "You ain't getting any easy money from me, you useless fuck!" and drove off.

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