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Two Subjects Wanted on Charges for Insurance Fraud

Date Posted: Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
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Dover, DE – Lisa A. Mitchell, 46, of Wilmington, and Robert R. Jones, 56, of Wilmington, were indicted on Monday, August 7, 2017 by a New Castle County grand jury after an investigation by the Department of Insurance Fraud Prevention Bureau. Mitchell and Jones were indicted on 2 felony counts each, of insurance fraud and attempted theft over $1,500.00

The indictment alleges that Mitchell and Jones submitted an insurance claim related to an auto accident. In order to facilitate the fraud, they knowingly provided false and misleading statements claiming injuries with the intent to defraud for the payment of benefits.

On June 30, 2016, both subjects claim that they pulled into a parking space in the 2200 block of Lamotte St, when another vehicle struck their vehicle rear bumper. Police were contacted and found no damage to Ms. Mitchell’s car. At the time of the alleged collision, Mitchell’s car was occupied by Robert Jones and another person.  In recorded statements with the insurance company, both subjects claimed injury. In subsequent recorded statements both provided conflicting statements and claimed that additional subjects were passengers in the vehicle and also sustained injury. As the investigation continued, both subjects advised the insurance company that they would settle the claim for $2,000.00 for pain and suffering. The driver of the striking vehicle advised the collision involved a very low speed bump with no damage and there were just two occupants of claimant’s vehicle.

Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro stated, “The Department of Insurance’s Fraud Prevention Bureau investigates dozens of these cases each year, and they are on the rise.  We take these crimes seriously, and will investigate all of these cases and seek indictments on the ones that can be prosecuted. We look forward to working with the Office of the Attorney General to continue to address the issue of insurance fraud in our state and ensure that those who commit such acts are held accountable.”

There are steps you can take to not become a victim of these false claims.  If consumers are involved in a motor vehicle accident, they are advised to call the police, take down names of those involved as well as witnesses, and,  if possible, photograph the vehicles involved.  False insurance claims cost everyone money.  If you know of or suspect a false insurance claim, please contact our Fraud Prevention Bureau at 302-674-7350 or email us at




Lisa A. Mitchell    DOB: 03/22/1971

Address: 2200 block of Lamotte St. Wilmington, DE

Robert R. Jones   DOB: 05/01/1961

Address: 2200 block of Lamotte St. Wilmington, DE


Contact: Vince Ryan

Office: (302) 674-7303



Delaware Department of Insurance

Dover Office: 302-674-7300

Consumer Services Division: 1-800-282-8611


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