31 thoughts on “Top Gear Feb 98 Classic cars for young drivers

  1. Mahesh

    @ybskgnp sure is right. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. Listen to this, ive seen this car selling rediculously cheap on this site. i got it from here. you can also try it -> bit.ly/1bTiDc4?=xyetcl

  2. Puukainiits

    Uk sucks because of insurance.

    i am from Latvia, 22y.o. guy who can easly aford to drive 1993. 2.9 ford scorpio (powered by cosworh BOB + turbo), because insurance for my car is only 30 lats = ~65 usd in year :)

  3. al coop

    thats right the good thing about the brakes on a moggy you could always use your feet just stamp on the floor and you will have freedy flintstone stopping power 🙂 so much better than factory set-up

  4. Loftworthy

    The factory setup is a bit sketchy. The main problem I find is keeping the front drum brakes in balance. I'm saving up for a Marina disc brake kit which will make the stopping much much better.

  5. Jay Leno

    How does UK car insurance work?
    Do they mean that you pay over 600quid a year just to be able to drive your car on UK roads?
    If so then that is daylight robbery.

  6. Simon John Hinton

    My brother had an uno 1.0 ie start and to be honest it was CRAP. Heavy steering rotten suspension mount on the rear that came close to collapsing and a blowing head gasket. The only good thing about it was the engine itself once the gasket was sorted. In the end it was scrapped….good riddance.


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