Top 8 Factors That Affect the Car Insurance Prices

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Here are a few factors that many insurance companies look at –

1. Age and gender are very important as they determine how prone your vehicle is for accidents. People between 18-25 years of age and men in general are found to be the ones, who are prone to rash and negligent driving. So, they attract higher premiums in turn.

2. If you drive in the rural areas, then your car insurance price may be less, as the probability of accidents in rural areas is lesser than that in the urban areas.

3. Vehicle insurance companies may look keenly into your credit history and a neat record would guarantee low insurance prices, helping you to attract good discounts from them.

4. If the total usage of the car in terms of mileage is low, the price you pay for the insurance company can also be low, as higher journey rates increase the possibility of accidents.

5. A clean driving record also ensures fancy discounts from the insurance providers.

6.The kind of the job that you do also determines the rates. a low car insurance price can be expected by a person who does desk job for more time than a marketing guy who has to travel a lot.

7. SUVs pose more risk than the normal cars, because SUVs being larger vehicles can be driven more rashly, making them more susceptible to accidents.

8. The place where you park you car is also another factor, because if it is a safer place, the car insurance rates can be expected to be lower, and vice-versa.

There are several other factors that need to be worked out before you decide upon the right insurance policy, because a good blend of suitable aspects will determine the best car insurance prices.

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