Tips On Choosing A Rescue Cat

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You should take the time to visit several shelters before you decide on the cat you want to bring home to your family. Your first visit should be to check out the centre itself. You want to adopt a cat from a place that is clean and ran in an efficient way. You can tell by just observing whether the place is well kept and if the staff seems to enjoy working with the animals.

Once you have decided which shelter you are going to use to adopt your new pet the next step is to find out about their adoption process. You will be able to find out what type of information is needed from you, such as information on existing pets in the home. You should ask about cost at this time so you know what to expect when you find the right cat or kitten.

The RSPCA and most welfare organisations will ask for a donation of a specific amount. This helps them to be able to provide care and any type of veterinary treatments needed, including vaccinations and neutering. The cost is usually minimal considering the prices of purchasing a cat from a breeder.

 Adult cats are usually already littered trained and adapt will to a new home. They seem to be more laid back and affectionate. If you are considering a kitten just remember that they will need more time to become litter box trained and have to be fed more often. When they are real young they need constant supervision until they know what their limitations and boundaries are.

 Make sure you talk to the people at the shelter and find out as much as you can about the cat or kitten that you are interested in. They should be able to tell you why or how the cat came to be at the rescue centre. You want to know as much as possible because some cats landed there due to people moving or having a baby. On the other hand some ended up in the shelter because of behavioral problems.

 When you are choosing a cat or kitten make sure you pick one that is active and seeks affection from people. An adult cat should be comfortable with handling and petting without hissing or scratching. Kittens should be relaxed when picked up and handled and most of them will start purring. Ask the staff at the centre about anything they have observed about the cat’s personality and take that into consideration also.

When you are choosing the shelter cat that is best for your family make sure to look at them closely. A healthy cat or kitten has clear bright eyes and a shiny coat. They shouldn’t be real skinny or show any signs of illness such as a runny nose or diarrhea. Be on the look out to see if the cat is scratching constantly or if it is missing any hair around the ears or on the legs. This can be a sign of ear mites or fleas.

After you have made the decision on which cat or kitten that you want to adopt you will then arrange for the adoption to take place. This could take several days depending on whether a home inspection is involved. While you are waiting to pick up the newest member of your family you can make sure you have everything needed for your new cat or kitten. This would include a bed, food and plenty of toys.

Once you bring home your cat or kitten make sure you give them plenty of space and time to get use to their new surroundings. Cats adapt quickly and easily to new environments. In no time at your new cat will fit right in with the rest of your family.

Today, pet insurance is readily available and is like having health insurance on yourself; it is there when you need it for those unexpected large health-related bills. By having this kind of insurance you can ensure that your cat will get the best treatment if they are ever injured or seriously ill. They don’t have to be kittens to be eligible. Any cat no matter their age can be covered with pet insurance; as long as you keep the premiums up they will be covered for their lifetime.

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