Tips for Finding Affordable Full Coverage Dental Plans

When most people think of full coverage dental plans, they are probably thinking of dental insurance, however, that may not be on the right track. Dental insurance is not the full coverage dental plan that many people seem to think that it is. For one thing, dental insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. This means this means that if you’re currently having a problem that you need to be seen for, if you go to buy dental insurance today you will not be covered. Why you ask? Allow me to explain.

Think about this, when you go to get vehicle insurance, don’t they do an inspection of your vehicle? Of course they do! They’ll either do a complete inspection of your vehicle by walking around with a clipboard and checking off anything that they visually see wrong, or they’ll take pictures of your vehicle on all sides top and bottom, or they’ll do both.

This is essentially what they do when you buy a new dental insurance plan, they do a complete physical exam, including x-rays, cleanings, etc. and find out exactly what’s wrong with you, but you won’t be covered for any condition that you currently suffer from. This means it if you know that you need have a wisdom tooth pulled you won’t be covered. That’s why we cannot consider dental insurance policies to be full coverage dental plans.

If you are looking for a full coverage dental plan I would suggest that you look into what are called dental discount plans. These dental discount plans are not insurance, but provide substantial discounts on most dental procedures. It’s very inexpensive to join one of these plans and you can begin seeing a dentist normally within one to three business days. Most major plans give discounts of anywhere from 10-60%.

The way this works is that you see a participating dentists in your area, he or she will determine exactly what you need to have done, you determine what you can afford, they perform the procedure for you and then you pay for the procedure at the time of your appointment by cash or credit card. There is no insurance coverage or no financing, its cash on the barrel head. This is actually a very good deal that can save you a considerable amount of money over time, especially if you have a family and this as close as you’ll get to any full coverage dental plans. Take a look for yourself.

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