The price of car insurance should increase in 2019

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600,000 drivers would drive without a license and 700,000 without insurance. It's a 30% increase in 5 years. And for companies this figure is problematic. Because in case of accident if you have no contract, or in case of hit and run, for example, it is a guarantee fund that supports the compensation for the victims. However, this fund fed by insurers is growing steadily, + 13% in one year, for a total of 154 million euros.

And to deal with this increase in benefits, the new bill of finance asks insurers to put more hands in the bag next year. A contribution that will go from 12 to 25%, or 33 million euros. This should result in an increase in contributions of 1 to 2%.

However, there is a draft Insured Vehicles File that will be put in place. And that from the 1st of January next. In a few clicks, the police will be able to remotely consult this huge file with tens of millions of data. This base can reveal in a few seconds if you are in order. With all the necessary information: such as the name of the insurer, the contract number and especially its period of validity.

Fines that can go up to 3,750 euros

In a second step, the police can also, without stopping detect uninsured vehicles, thanks to the automatic plate readers that equip including radar cars.

The stake is not thin in terms of safety since the pipes without insurances it is 7% of road deaths, 235 deaths per year. To drive without insurance is to expose you to heavy fines that can go up to 3,750 euros, and especially in case of accident the responsible driver will have to pay each month a monthly calculated according to his incomes, sometimes during all his life.

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