The Nitty Gritty of Getting Caught With No Insurance


In a surprising revelation to survey discovered that as many as 15% of all vehicles on UK roads may not be insured at all. In addition, a further one in seven of all drivers had admitted that in the past they had at one point or another driven a car, for which they were not insured. This kind of Uninsured driving usually relates to driving a friend’s car to help them out in some situation where they are unable to move the vehicle. Such driving expeditions are often justified by the concept that it is only a short distance and will only take a few minutes. As the vast majority of accidents happen within 15 miles of the vehicle owner’s home that argument holds little water. In addition, the law does not make exceptions based on the idea that you are doing a favour for a friend and that is not very far. Driving a car while not properly insured is a criminal offense regardless of the situation. The most likely Uninsured drivers are male; in fact, twice as many men drive without proper insurance than women. The fine for driving without proper insurance coverage is £ 200, in addition Magistrates usually hand down penalties of six points on the driver’s license, and it is also possible that the court may instruct that the way the vehicle be confiscated from its owner. All of this is only the tip of the iceberg, the fact is that drivers who do not have proper insurance are far more likely to drink and drive than drivers who are properly insured. The surprise is that they are not just twice as likely to drink and drive; statistics show that Uninsured drivers are 10 times more likely to get behind the wheel when intoxicated. In addition, Uninsured drivers do not take care of their vehicles, if they do not have insurance why would they bother with an MOT or other safety precautions. Uninsured drivers are six times more likely to be found driving an unsafe vehicle on public roads. Each year there are around 170 British Fatalities on roads caused by these Uninsured drivers of unsafe vehicles. Male drivers are twice as likely to drive Uninsured is female drivers, but, young male drivers aged 17 to 24 are even more likely to drive around the country’s roads without any insurance of any kind. Uninsured drivers cost insured drivers to huge amounts of money every year, insurance companies have to pay out claims by Uninsured motorists to the tune of £ 850 million each year. Of course, the insurance companies pass these costs onto drivers who have been sensitive and taken out the legally required insurance policy. Police may soon be given new powers that will enable them to immediately seize any vehicle being driven by a driver who does not have the correct insurance. This would avoid the situation at present were simply Uninsured drivers get back behind the wheel of the car eleven they have been charged by the police and even after they have been prosecuted by the courts. Uninsured drivers cost each insured driver £ 30 per year in additional insurance premiums. A survey by the RAC discovered that 13% of all young drivers considered that driving without insurance was not “really” a crime.

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