32 thoughts on “The most stupid Insurance fraud attempt ever

  1. hokage97531

    jajajajajaja que ignorante por dios jaja ahora vienes a defenderte con el instituto en donde estudia JAJAJAJ tu eres el ignorante no el instituto. puedes estudiar en hardvard pero seguirias siendo un estupido.

  2. BackSeatHump

    I've seen monkeys in Africa and Asia with more intelligence than this idiot. I assume she was moaning and groaning for extra affect and to draw attention to herself. So I guess the person working there watched the whole thing "live" on camera and decided to see how far she's go? 

  3. Jayson Bass

    Some people just need to find a better way to spend their time. You’ve got to give it to her though, she was determined to get the attention of someone. If only she knew that people were watching and probably laughing at her all along.

  4. Captain Karen Obvious

    How is tripping over your own feet grounds to sue? I could see her have a 'reason' to sue if the floor was wet and no sign was present or if there were things in the way but no I'll just lay down amongst nothing and act hurt. 


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