The Great Debate: Single Payer Health Coverage vs. Traditional Health Insurance

A debate between single payer health coverage and traditional health insurance. Pros and cons. Speakers: Joanne Spetz, PhD, James G. Kahn, MD, MPH, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California San Francisco.

12 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Single Payer Health Coverage vs. Traditional Health Insurance

  1. vegaskidd

    "free markets wont work in health care because the public cant be educated" thats the stupidest comment I heard, well I can educate myself if I want to and I dont want anyone else to decide for me what I should be buying or not buying….

  2. MrOmegaBunny

    No one frivolously seeks out MRIs.  All this fear-mongering about frivolous overuse is a red herring.

    Yeah, sure, okay, if I had market-driven care, rather than rushing to get a $1500 MRI, I would ice my knee and elevate it for a week and wait and see how it is… That much of her argument makes sense.

    But then… one week later… when my knee still hurts, and I still need the MRI… it STILL COSTS ME THE $1500 FOR THAT MRI, because my consumer-driven plan still sucks and still doesn't cover it!

    So, for all my "cost awareness" and "painstaking careful responsible planning", I'm still out the $1500!  At the end of the day, THAT is the difference between Universal Coverage and "market driven" care.  Hello?  Was I suppose to just mentally gloss over that "minor detail" in the name of almighty Libertarianism?  Hooray for "stick-it-to-the-unlucky", "glad-it's-not-me" health policy?  No thanks.  

    The benefit of a shared risk pool is supposed to be that you're economically sheltered from cost surges when misfortune strikes.  $1500 is more than anyone can spend casually.  Let's get real about providing care to people who need it.

  3. Doug Heneghan

    Single payer equals less quality of care. Watch "Sick and Sicker" That shows what it looks like in Canada. Or just look at the VA and all it's ineffectiveness. The mindset of these two speakers is unbelievable. They gloss over or ignore facts about cost, quality of care, the rise in costs for all patients and who pays.I could go on an on about this video, so I wont.

  4. Charles Goede

    the 'free market' will never care about your health care, only it's profit line. We either decide as a nation that we care for each other, ALL of each other (even if it takes some real brave and moral changes), or we continue to allow the 'W's' & 'Dick's' to keep us preoccupied with the Middle East. Your health is EVERYTHING.


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