The Effects of Health Care Reform on North Carolina Health Insurance Customers


If you live in North Carolina, health insurance and health care reform is just as big of a deal to you as it is to the rest of the world. We have a massive population of seniors in our area, many of whom are increasingly concerned about the rising costs of health care and whether or not they will be able to afford their North Carolina health plans. Now, we’ve all heard about health care reform, but it is an incredibly complex issue and many of us are confused by it. For instance, folks are concerned that health care reform would mean a complete government takeover of health care in which medical treatment would have to be rationed out; the end of Medicare; and the end of private insurance. These myths, generally speaking, are perpetuated by those who are profiting under the status quo and seeking to misguide people away from health care reform.

There are a number of special interest groups that are using the aforementioned scare tactics and myths to deter people from supporting health care reform. President Obama has guaranteed that a health care overhaul wouldn’t force people like us to surrender the North Carolina health insurance plans we are satisfied with and wouldn’t cut Medicare benefits. At the same time, Obama defended his call for a government-funded public health insurance option to compete against private insurers, indicating that Americans who liked their private plans could keep them, but they would have the option to sign up for the government plan. He said such an option would keep costs down, but wouldn’t amount to a government health care takeover because private insurance companies wouldn’t be able to compete with a government-funded plan. Obama gave the example of Fed-Ex, UPS and the Postal Service. He said that Fed-Ex and UPS are doing just fine, USPS is the one that’s always having problems.

In an effort to combat what the Obama administration considers to be misinformation about the issue of health care reform, the White House has launched a Health Insurance Reform Reality Check Web site, which features Obama aides discussing aspects of health care reform. Those who back the health care overhaul believe that such a change is necessary to ensure that virtually all Americans have access to health insurance and that there will be long-term economic stability in our country. Because of stalwart opposition, however, congressional action on health care reform has slowed considerably.

The general basis for the opposition is that health care reform will inevitably lead to a government takeover of the entire health care system and prove too costly to sustain. As North Carolina health insurance customers, we can do our part by learning the facts and not contributing to false rumors that keep any kind of reform from progressing. Remember that despite what changes may take place in the health care system in the coming years, you can rest assured in knowing that your North Carolina health plans are safe and not going anywhere. 

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