The Daily Show – Obamacare Takes a Price Hike

The Obama administration announces double-digit premium hikes for the Affordable Care Act, and Trevor diagnoses the problem.

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46 Replies to “The Daily Show – Obamacare Takes a Price Hike”

  1. Yeah, I get what this segment is trying to do… The point is that we knew it couldn't work… It didn't work and now those of us who knew better are screwed. $141 per month, to $208 a month, to $251… Today, $424? Nah…. This isn't about Republicans and Democrats, it is not a good plan.

  2. Did you write this tripe??? awful ..on a lighter note "….. It's going just as planned." said the person who wrote the bill…. that nobody read….. and the president signed…. and pinheads like this promote

  3. I'm from SA like my man Trevor n my election decision was between a party that liberated us (but corrupt) or a white party that is actually trying to change things (but still funded by colonist). Now that's a difficult decision, but Trump vs Clinton is a no brainer, Come on America!

  4. The key to financial equality (if thats the correct term, me no englando) is taxes. Income tax, mainly. If the US could implement a, say, 33% income tax, and use the money on free healthcare and education, the lifequality of almost the entire American population would improve. I know this is hard to do because of lobbyist and stuffs, but I feel that is the solution. (So basically, Bernie Sanders :^])

  5. This shit isn't funny no more, these people likely to think that every person is a central bank or some shit. Only rich cancerous people think of these upcoming costs and I'm angry about it

  6. What went wrong with Obama care? NOTHING STUPID IT WAS WRITTEN THE EXACT SAME WHEN THEY PASSED IT… exceptionally deceitful….. the problem is you still believe in them ….

  7. You are a liar Trevor! Donald Trump said that his plan is to stop the insurance company monopoly by deregulating the industry. Insurance companies would not have monopolies in a state area. He will have insurance companies competing over state lines which means that they will have to compete for customers in a nation wide market. That means that health insurance cost will plummet. We know you want Hillary. That corrupt evil woman that has been proven to be a liar and a criminal time and again.

  8. Just make the taxes cover over health care too. You know, just make it an obligation to pay a sudden amount of taxes to get completely free health care. That's pretty much how it works most places in Europe. Then everyone is basically obligated to pay for each others health care.

  9. if I look at the 276 euro a month premiums I would also start wondering if it isn't more effective to put it into a fund. at least the 80 euro in the Netherlands is still payable.

  10. If Trump wins maybe Trevor can take his fascist propaganda and move to Mexico…oh wait, they don't allow illegal immigration in Mexico–he would be jailed and deported since those "racists" down in Mexico don't tolerate illegal aliens.

  11. You people voted for Obama and you knew he didn't improve your lives and now you won't admit he's a screw up. Now, you're voting for Hillary, who's committed crimes right in front of your faces and lies about it. Wiki Leaks exposes a slew of crimes she's committed. What do you suppose is going to happen if she wins the election, people?!!

  12. OK 2 things
    1. You aren't funny and your use of GD is disgusting and I hope it's exactly what you get
    2. Keep poking fun at President Trumps wife and see how you end up.

    You are pretty much Don Lemon except instead of being on a liberal controlled "News" outlet you are on a liberal controlled not funny show where you train seals to beat their flippers at everything so people at home think you are funny but you're just not.

    Last thing


    YOU MAD BRO?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. You people whining about how America doesn't have mandated healthcare for all citizens just don;t get it. If you want America to be more like these hell holes that are weak and getting destroyed especially by these disgusting refugees than just move there. I for one would never want to be like that. You idiots would gladly vote a socialist in that would leave us defenseless. We would end up just like all the other small countries, Helpless and completely dependent on super countries to defend us at every little altercation. How about you stop opening your uneducated mouths, stop screaming for safe spaces, stop killing babies, stop killing cops that are the only defense in your towns, and lastly stop fighting common sense because you don't have it.
    USA is strong and can hold it's own. We don;t need muslims or any illegals here to make us great because they only tear us down. Keep the illegal immigrants and refugees out. We have enough to take care of inside our borders without global babysitting. If people want to come in with radical islam ideas you either shut them out or hand them death when they force themselves here. LASTLY could you morons please realize that the dumb dumb life views of California are a cancer and there is a reason they need together stay in that pathetic state or just become extinct.

    TRUMP 2016&2020

  14. If you want to fix health care in the US, you need to fix how hospitals get to charge over 100 times of nanufacturer price on a bag of IV. Producing a bag of IV cost around $1.07. With this in mind check your hospital bill if you got an IV before. It will show charging you in hundreds.

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