The Benefits Of One Month Car Insurance

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Finding insurance cover for a vehicle for short periods of time can be extremely complicated and negotiating with your existing insurance provider can be time consuming and frustrating. Fortunately there are an increasing number of insurance providers that make finding this type of insurance much easier. One month car insurance usually refers to a period of time that is less than 28 days and it is an extremely popular option for people that want to have temporary access to a vehicle but do not want to be tied into a long contract.

The concept of short term cover is that it allows you to insure yourself or a friend to drive a vehicle for a short period of time. Such are the laws in the UK that going without insurance is entirely illegal and irresponsible. By setting up an independent insurance deal you are able to drive around a vehicle without having to go through the hassle of having to add new people to an existing policy. It is a great option as many of the providers will send you a policy over the internet so that you can print them off and have a copy immediately. This can be extremely beneficial as you do not have to wait for a policy document to be posted. This means that you can drive away the vehicle that you have borrowed with great peace of mind. This can also be extremely encouraging if you have just handed over your car to someone else!

Aside from this there are many further benefits to short term policy cover. As already mentioned the speed at which you can arrange this coverage is often rapid and the possibility of printing off the document immediately delivers a number of benefits. One month insurance cover could be a great option is you were going away on a holiday and wanted to borrow a car, if you were moving house or furniture and wanted to borrow a vehicle to do so or if you were going to the tip or even a trip to University to drop of a child. It can work out far cheaper than hiring a vehicle.

Many people choose to use one month car insurance cover for family members. It is a great option for people that have children that come home from university for the holiday periods and would like access to the family car. The length of period in which you can take out a policy is variable so if you only wanted a policy for a shorter amount of time it is easy to arrange it. One of the best things about this type of agreement is that if an accident were to happen then it would not affect your current insurance agreement. This can be extremely beneficial if you have a careless student on your hands!

This type of agreement is also used for situations such as arranging for a friend to have access to your vehicle if you become ill. If you have been admitted to hospital for an extended period or need regular lifts to the doctor but can’t drive then enabling someone else to drive your vehicle could be the answer. Many people also use this type of cover if their vehicle has gone in for a service or to have repair work done and they would like to borrow their partner’s vehicle for a short period.

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