The £26 a YEAR car insurance man – Martin Lewis

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  1. yeah its okay to know who the cheapest is but i don't understand English people what pounds means it should american dollars? hello try English in America, so i could understand what pounds are? hello. and bye?????

  2. Then theres me…… a trustworthy 17 year old , that cannot get a quote under £8,000 for a 1.4. I here u scoff and splutter as older adults say, "that cant be right he's making it up". well you go and get a quote for a 1.4 when you live in staffordshire for under what i have been quoted for and i will thank you personally . oh yh and thats £8,000 premium with £1000 excces, all the joys of parking in a garage and the car being worth £500. not happy!

  3. £280/year is cheap as F!!! Prob cos he's "experienced", yet he might only drive once a week every year. I've driven hundreds of miles a day for years, so surely I am more experinced quicker? That's not how insurers see it. Plus I am young which means I'm stereotyped to be a careless speeding git.

  4. @united746 I'm having the same problem mate and I'm 26! A lot of companies won't even provide a quote coz its Birmingham apparently! Must of been a lot of collisions and jacks! Piss take its all a fuckin scam anyway this insurance bollox! U try gettin a payout if your car gets nicked, I paid 2.2k last year up front my car gets nicked an its oh sorry unfortunately blah blah blah there as bad as the thieves themselves CUNTS!

  5. Oh I been interested in getting a Vauxhall nova as a project, out of curiosity I got a quote on 1 I was looking at a 1993 nova 1.4sri bogstandard I was gonna pay 500 quid for it needed tidying but perfect for a project so bogstandard 1993 1.4sri nova, and I'm 26, driving since 19, cheapest quote? 1600 quid, an tha was having 1 of them boxes fitted! Everyone else was quoting 3k n tha! Piss take robbing scummy thieving cunts

  6. Pffffft, £26? Maybe if you're a 50 year old man with 30 years driving experience and no claims bonus, driving a reasonable car in the most wildest of villages in the UK with a population of around 10 people. 

  7. the fact that we are forced to have car insurance is stupid in itself. I'm 17 and I could have a fairly nice car like a vauxhall calibra, end up in an accident every fortnight and buy a new (used) car every fortnight and STILL BE CHEAPER THAN INSURING A SUB 1 LITRE POS

  8. It defies belief, how the cost of insurance for me and my wife (in our 40's, owning a reasonably priced, safe car, living in a safe area, with a £450 voluntary excess, and 10 000 miles per year) still manages to be in the 600-700 range.
    The worst part of it is, I never needed any of it, EVER!!!

  9. Ref# 5tryg
    I used this guy he got me down to 167 a month full coverage. AAA had me at 320 a month. Its a Primerica auto insurance line, make sure you give them the ref number. They have access to alot of different auto insurances, they help choose the best one fit for you.

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