44 thoughts on “Thai Life Insurance – Father & Son

  1. Jim Nguyen

    Of course it won't allow him to spend more time with his son. It's more about making sure your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death. The father wanted more time so he could "take better care of him." Buying life insurance would ensure that he could still "take care" of his son, even in death. He's out of time, but he can rest easier. 

  2. Clamm

    but that wasn't the entire commercial, there was a 2nd part where he's seen paralitic or something and his son encourages to start walking

  3. godsabidinggrace

    First time I saw this was 3 years ago….I didn't know it was a life insurance add and I started crying…then it said life insurance and I started laughing and I was still crying. ..


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