Texas Car Insurance For Young Drivers

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Let’s face it. Car insurance for young drivers in the state of Texas is not exactly cheap! Of course, there are a number of factors that will determine how costly coverage will be. As with any other driver, auto insurance rates take into account obvious factors such as previous driving history and credit ratings. However, for a young driver, insurance rates might be affected by anything from your gender to your grade point average! Many coverage providers give certain incentives to young responsible drivers, but even the most upstanding individuals may have trouble finding a reasonable rate without some help.

This Texas auto and home insurance agency wants to assist you in every way possible to find both the best rates and the types of coverage that are most appropriate to your situation. Founded in 1983 in Houston, we have a proven track record of providing extensive, affordable coverage to young responsible drivers in the state of Texas. Our commitment to the needs of our clients, as well as you deep understanding of the industry, has made us a leading insurance agency with a reputation for integrity.

What separates our agency from other providers is our sincere commitment to locate the best deal for your situation, whether or not you ultimately purchase coverage. If we can assist you in finding a better deal elsewhere, we’ll let you know! We will not only direct you to other providers, but we will equip you with all the information you need to maintain control over your personal insurance needs-now and in the future! It is critical that parents understand their young driver, although he or she is a very responsible young adult, may have less than three years driving experience and no prior insurance experience. Insurers realize that prior claim history is very important in evaluating risk. Texas Auto Home Insurance knows we are doing the right thing by advising Texans that keeping the young driving on the parents policy is in many cases the best process in premium savings and liability protection.

In certain cases, regarding car insurance for a young driver, we might recommend going with another provider, or adding yourself to your parent’s policy-at least for a year. After that time, if you have established yourself as a “preferred” driver, you may then obtain coverage through the George White Insurance Agency at a lower rate. This, of course, is only one scenario of many. The point here is that George White, unlike many insurance providers, is not out to reap immediate profits for himself at your expense. George White’s wide experience and extensive knowledge of the insurance industry in Texas allows him to help you develop long-term strategies, rather than make quick decisions based on limited information.

Our Texas agency understands that for a young driver, insurance can be a difficult and confusing prospect. We can help you through every step of the way. Our long experience working in the state of Texas suggests we are not just “here today, gone tomorrow.” Our commitment is to provide young drivers with practical insurance solutions that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

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