Taxi Base Insurance Cover And Employers' Liability Insurance

ChoiceQuote Insurance Services has been providing taxi insurance cover for 15 years and understands that sometimes more than just vehicle cover is needed for your business. That is why ChoiceQuote can also help your business to save money with a bespoke taxi base insurance policy.

ChoiceQuote Taxi Base Insurance Offers The Following Benefits:

  • Exclusive rates with premiums starting from as little as £262.50 including Insurance Premium Tax
  • Wide policy wording
  • Public & employers’ liability insurance with an option to include indemnity to Licencing Councils
  • All risks cover for PDA’s and other equipment used outside the office
  • Town centre risks considered
  • Buildings of a ‘non-standard’ construction considered

Cover is provided by Great Lakes UK. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich Re Group, Great Lakes UK enjoys the Munich Re Group rating and provides first class security.

Did you know…..?

Every employer conducting any business in Great Britain (with a few exceptions) is required to take out and maintain insurance cover against liability for disease or bodily injury sustained by his or her employees arising out of their employment in Great Britain.

It is a criminal offence for an employer to fail to take out the required insurance. Criminal liability in the case of a company may be extended to any officer of the company who was responsible for the default.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for enforcing the law on employers’ liability insurance and their inspectors will check that you have insurance in place with an approved insurer for at least £5 million*.

Failure to display your certificate of employers’ liability insurance or not making it available to HSE inspectors can result in a fine of £1,000.

*ChoiceQuote Policies provide £10,000,000 cover as standard.

ChoiceQuote Insurance Services is an independent insurance intermediary specialising in taxi insurance, taxi base insurance, taxi fleet insurance,commercial property insurance, motor trade insurance and car insurance.

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