Talking About First Car Insurance


Getting on the road at 17/18 isn’t an easy thing to and is an expensive thing to do, so today I thought i’d talk about what it was like for me and what advice I can give you guys!


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  1. I'm having my brothers old 9n3 polo 1.2 and his first year on it was 1800 with a blackbox, my dad said I don't have to have a blackbox when I can drive next year but it's gonna be so much without one

  2. Still on my first year of my insurance and I have a Ford Ka 1.3 Design only £1200 a year and with the deposit and discounts for good driving I'm only paying £80-£90 with a black box and it should go down again. Did a 2.0l mondeo and they only wanted £1500 it was diesel.

  3. Got a quote at 18 which I am now for a Lupo GTI for £2'800 with 0NCB & NO BOX which is really cheap! but Im gonna bag myself a 1.8 GL me thinks more practical and a modern classic now.

  4. I'massivelt into cars and I bought my first car 3 weeks ago. and it's a 1.8 3dr Focus Mp3 edition. it's £1800 for the year with a black box. But so far the blackbox doesn't seem all that strict on my acceleration etc. and i have wheelspinned etc.

  5. I just turned 18 and ive booked my driving test because i didn't start learning to drive straight away, do you have to have a box in your car? If not can you tell me what insurance company your with so i can do a quote

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