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Liberty Mutual has to pay millions of victims for victims of church abuse

Liberty Mutual has agreed to pay the diocese of Duluth $ 6.5 million in the context of a recent agreement on a dispute over the coverage of child abuse damage. With the agreement filed in the US Bankruptcy Court, Liberty… Continue Reading →

PG & E removes settlements with Californian victims as bankruptcy looms

While PG & E Corp. getting ready to file for bankruptcy, victims of forest fires get a taste of how they are likely to be treated if the tool reorganizes – harshly. In the run-up to an anticipated application for… Continue Reading →

A driver in the group of deadly victims admits an insurance claim against stuffing after the attack of the victim's mother

Anthony J. DiFilippo, who struck and killed a teenager in an accident at Wheatfield four years ago, admitted Friday that he had redeemed his claim after his house had been attacked by his drunk mother. In a complex case, DiFilippo,… Continue Reading →

PG & E says it will not make an effort to pay settlements with the California California Fire Victims

PG & E Corp. is so emaciated that it will not commit to paying settlements that have been reached with people who have lost their homes in a wildfire in 2015 caused by a tree that falls on a high-voltage… Continue Reading →

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