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See who is betting on the Agency system

According to some experts, buyers should all be online and the agency system should now be dead. However, it seems that not everyone has that memo. Here are some recent examples of companies, techies and investors who gamble on agents… Continue Reading →

Texas Senator proposes plan for the flood control system around the world

Before the next Hurricane Harvey strikes and thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed, some lawmakers in Texas want communities to be better prepared for future flooding across the state. On January 22, Senator Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, filed a law… Continue Reading →

$ 3.5 trillion a year: is the US health care system the biggest scam in the world that generates money? • Good Assurance

Written by Michael Snyder via the blog The Economic Collapse, If the US health care system were a country, it would have the fifth largest GDP in the world. At this stage, only the United States, China, Japan and Germany… Continue Reading →

Opinion: I am British and American, your health system tortures me • Good Assurance

It took me four years, but I am only beginning to understand my health insurance policy. This is a health maintenance organization, which means that I need to consult my primary care physician to get a referral for most specialized… Continue Reading →

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