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The new birth control rules come into effect in a majority of states as a result of a limited decision of the judges •

WASHINGTON – Two Trump's administrative rules to allow employers and universities to stop providing birth control insurance were blocked by a federal court in California in 13 states and in the District of Columbia Sunday night. This is the second… Continue Reading →

Florida auto insurance is the 3rd highest in the United States, but will legislators act?

Two new surveys show that Florida motorists are now facing the third highest insurance bills in the country. In 2019, lawmakers are wondering if they should repeal a no-fault insurance system, widely criticized for its high costs, fraud and inefficiency…. Continue Reading →

Consumer price growth in the United States is the slowest since August 2017, as gasoline prices fall • Good Assurance

following Chinese IPC and IPP Chinese print this weekand terrible data from the European core, all eyes are on consumer prices in the United States. The dominant "silver plugs" are hoping it's not too hot to make Powell redouble the… Continue Reading →

Governors of the Blue States resume where Obamacare stopped • Good Assurance

From coast to coast, cities and states are implementing ambitious plans to expand government-managed health coverage to more Americans. Just this week, leading Democrats from California, Washington, and New York have unveiled proposals to expand public coverage to those who… Continue Reading →

Major claims weigh on the elderly market in the United States – Yahoo Finance • Good Assurance

By Suzanne Barlyn (Reuters) – Last March, a 103-year-old resident of a Sunrise Senior Living facility in Willowbrook, Illinois, had gone to the movies. Ruth Smith, who used a walker, fell on two concrete steps in the theater and died… Continue Reading →

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