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How a price insurance policy for cars of the future could bring insurers, car manufacturers together

Dan Peate, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur in Southern California, thought he'd buy a Tesla Model X a few years ago – until he called his insurance company and discovered how much his premiums would rise. "They quoted me $… Continue Reading →

Shell Offshore agrees with a $ 2.2 million price for the oil spill in the Gulf of 2016

Shell Offshore Inc. has agreed to pay a 2.2 million dollar fine to the federal government to meet the costs the company has violated by forfeiting the Clean Water Act by allowing 1,900 barrels of oil to flow into the… Continue Reading →

Consumer price growth in the United States is the slowest since August 2017, as gasoline prices fall • Good Assurance

following Chinese IPC and IPP Chinese print this weekand terrible data from the European core, all eyes are on consumer prices in the United States. The dominant "silver plugs" are hoping it's not too hot to make Powell redouble the… Continue Reading →

A clever baby crib has sparked controversy for its $ 1,300 price tag. Now parents can rent it. • Good Assurance

How much are parents willing to spend so that their babies sleep soundly? According to Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician and children's author based in Los Angeles, about $ 1,300. That's the price that Karp put the snoo, the intelligent baby… Continue Reading →

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