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"My 10-year-old daughter has proposed cutting her expenses": American workers struggle without pay because of the closure of their business • Good Assurance

It's something his 10-year-old daughter said that had hammered home the impact of the US government's closure for Victor Payes. The security guard at the Los Angeles main airport had been working for free for two weeks when Haley, the… Continue Reading →

The health coverage of most federal workers will continue during closure, even in the event of a stoppage of pay • Good Assurance

Licensed federal employees are protesting the federal government's ongoing partial closure at a non-partisan rally on Tuesday at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Bastiaan Slabbers / NurPhoto / Getty Images hide the legend toggle the legend Bastiaan Slabbers / NurPhoto /… Continue Reading →

NotPetya an act of war, a cyber insurance company accused of refusing to pay

Mondelez brought a lawsuit against Zurich Insurance Group in an effort to claim a $ 100 million damages award, while an insurance claim had not been paid in the framework of a NotPetya cyber attack. The case, filed with the… Continue Reading →

Zuckerberg hospital emergencies do not take private insurance, forcing San Francisco patients to pay huge bills

In 2015, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated $ 75 million to the San Francisco General Hospital for the construction of a Level I trauma center, the only facility of its kind in San Francisco. The… Continue Reading →

5 jobs and health insurance: the fight of a couple to pay $ 12,000 in medical expenses

This is a story of Kaiser Health News. Robert and Tiffany Cano, of San Tan Valley, Arizona, have a new wedding, a new home and a 10-month-old son, Brody, who is excited about his ability to blow raspberries. They also… Continue Reading →

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