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Why do so many financially independent adults still have their phone plan with their parents • Good Assurance

Almost every time I go home in recent years, the same subject is mentioned: the fact that my father still pays my phone bill. It's not really a matter of contention, and my precarious family status Jennings Verizon is never… Continue Reading →

Is a man accused of strangling his parents and burning his home made for the insurance money?

The details of a warrant arrest could explain why a man allegedly strangled his mother and stepfather until death and set fire to their Northwestern Atlanta home. in July 2018: money insurance. The affidavit, obtained by Channel 2 Action News,… Continue Reading →

A clever baby crib has sparked controversy for its $ 1,300 price tag. Now parents can rent it. • Good Assurance

How much are parents willing to spend so that their babies sleep soundly? According to Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician and children's author based in Los Angeles, about $ 1,300. That's the price that Karp put the snoo, the intelligent baby… Continue Reading →

To get mental health help for a child, desperate parents give up custody • Good Assurance

Toni Hoy, at her home in Rantoul, Illinois, holds a childhood picture of her son, Daniel, who is now 24 years old. In a last-ditch effort to get Daniel to cure his serious mental illness in 2007, the Hoys gave… Continue Reading →

Thousands of SC parents would lose health insurance in the Medicaid plan, according to a study

According to a new study, thousands of South Carolina's poorest parents will lose their health insurance under a state proposal to impose work obligations on Medicaid recipients. Between 5,000 and 14,000 South American parents would lose their Medicaid coverage as… Continue Reading →

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