Covering Florida #OpenEnrollment Video #2 Preventive Care

Open Enrollment is in full swing and breaking records nationwide, but we still need help reaching people who need health insurance in 2018. We only have until December 15th to sign folks up so please share these videos with your networks!

Repeal & Whatever

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After trying varying degrees of cruelty with their replacement for the Affordable Care Act, it looks like Congressional Republicans may be throwing in the towel. Or not. They may try another last ditch effort that will satisfy a cold-hearted Senator Ted Cruz while at the same time appeasing a senator like Susan Collins of Maine. Balancing cruelty and extremism with more traditional conservative values sure is a difficult thing to do.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to exhibit all the legislative finesse of a MOAB. One day he wants to let Obamacare die while unleashing a tweet storm denying any personal responsibility, the next day he orders senators back to the negotiating table. (This, just one year after his “I alone can fix it” speech at the Republican National Convention.)

My guess is that Republicans in Congress won’t get their act together to pass their beloved “repeal & replace” bill and will instead try to kill the Affordable Care Act in thousands of smaller ways. Death by a thousand cuts because, you know, taxes. Enjoy the cartoon and be sure to visit me:


Arizona Center for Rural Health Director, Dan Derksen, MD, is interviewed on FOX11 Tucson about the Senate’s bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.

UNINSURABLE, Episode 1 | Erin Potter’s Story

Uninsurable is a short documentary series that explores the impact of the ACA through telling the stories of Americans across the country.

“Uninsurable: Erin Potter’s Story” is our first installment in the series. It tells the story of one Ohio family. Erin Potter is a young girl growing up in Kirtland, Ohio. A boisterous, fun loving 13 year-old who loves chicken fingers and Abraham Lincoln, you could hardly tell she went through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants – all by age 8. Audiences learn her story of undergoing treatment for childhood Leukemia through the stories of her parents and her oldest sister, Annie – and how the Affordable Care Act made it possible for her family to afford her treatment and why they still need it to survive.

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