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International Sales Director

My Personal Mission

As your professional real estate advisor, I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service and I am not happy until you are happy. My years in the business have provided me the experience to assist you with nearly every real estate need. Whether it’s finding you a home, finding the best loan, or helping you getting the most out of selling your home I am here to guide you. If there is anything you need, please let me know.

About My Services

I will listen to your needs and want to establish our goals and objectives. We work as a team to meet the goals and you will continually be in the loop during the entire process. In this fast paced market, I believe communication is key in meeting our goals and building our relationship.

Knowing that you are reading this right now, tells me that you are comfortable with the Internet and email and that means you will be able to take advantage of my 24 hour electronic assistant right here on my Website.

Please use my Website to provide you powerful features such as the access to the MLS through my MLS Wizard to help you narrow down the ideal home. Selling your home takes special care and attention in order to get the highest possible price and you can feel free to use my Value Wizard to get an instant comparable sales report. My links section is designed to point you important information on home shopping, owning and selling. And if you find what you are looking for, then contact me and I will do my best to get you an answer or point you to a resource.

Satisfied clients are the key to my success

My satisfied clients are my best resource for new business. In this very competitive business of real estate, service makes the difference. My service is second to none and has earned me a valuable source of referrals. If you are considering a real estate professional, please give me an opportunity to earn your business too. I am confident you will be very happy!

Thank you.

AIG – Bubbles

What is Directors and Officers Insurance

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and Officers insurance (D&O) is designed to protect a company and its leadership (directors and officers and key executives) against the potential consequences of alleged wrongdoings, such as financial mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, and negligence. A directors and officers policy can pay legal fees, damages, agreed-upon settlements, and some civil penalties. Depending on the policy, you may also get help for investigative costs.

Privately and publicly held companies as well as non-profits and associations can obtain Directors and Officers insurance. The policy you choose will depend on your bylaws and your organizational structure. In general, it can include:

Side A Coverage: Protects the personal assets of directors and officers from liabilities that are “not indemnified” by the corporation.

Side B Coverage: Provides insurance to the corporation when the corporation is required, in accordance with its articles of incorporation, by-laws or other agreement, to indemnify its directors and officers for claims made against them

Side C Coverage: Protection for the company itself when it is listed as a defendant in a claim

There may be serious limitations in coverage, such as discrimination exclusions and employee dishonesty exclusions, among others. What’s more, there are many ways to structure directors and officers coverage. The best option is to build out a comprehensive plan of protection that dovetails with your management and professional liability insurance.

Furthermore, General Liability and Umbrella policies typically don’t provide coverage for management liability losses so the assets of your company and key individuals will not be protected in Directors & Officers types of situations.

As professional liability experts, Axis can go over Directors & Officers coverage in detail with you and explain the forms available and what will make most sense for your company or entity. Coverage is available for: public companies, private companies, non-profits, educators, public officials, financial institutions and other general businesses. Please give us a call at: 1 (877) 787-5258.


Universal Health Coverage: The Future of Healthcare Reform?

Laurie Garrett, Daniel Altman, and Alexander S. Preker discuss Universal Health Coverage and shed critical light on the debate on healthcare reform.

Laurie Garrett
Daniel Altman
Alexander Preker
Yanzhong Huang

Travelers – “Greater Force”

As with all natural disasters, insurance companies need to react quickly. The Travelers prides itself on its rapid response and supportive agents during a crisis. When a hurricane hit in North Carolina, I followed a team of Travelers Agents and documented their operations and assessments with their clients. Shot on video in news/documentary style, the emergency response and help provided by Travelers Insurance agents demonstrated how they give their customers something to hold onto.

“Game Night”

Commercial for Progressive Insurance

“Help Flo”

Commercial for Progressive Insurance