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Superintendent leaves office after lying on health insurance to seek medical care for a sick student

ELWOOD, Ind. – An Indiana school principal resigned after being accused of claiming that his son was a sick student in order to obtain medical treatment. CNN's subsidiary, WXIN, has announced.Casey Smitherman, director of Elwood Community Schools, was charged on… Continue Reading →

Buttigieg claims health care support for a taxpayer: it will replace private health insurance

BY: Cameron Cawthorne To follow @@ Cam_Cawthorne February 3, 2019 11:56 am Peter Buttigieg, Democratic mayor of South Bend, in Indiana and presidential candidate of 2020, said Sunday that he was supporting "Medicare for all" and admitted that setting up… Continue Reading →

Colorado lawmakers bring back a bill to help insurance companies cover claims for high health care costs

In an effort to reduce insurance premiums in the state, Colorado lawmakers will again consider creating a program to help insurers cover the sickest, and therefore the most expensive patients. Legislators tabled a bill in the House today to create… Continue Reading →

Would a health reinsurance program work in Colorado? Polis says program would reduce health care costs

Editor's note: The stories of Denver7 360 explore the many facets of the topics that matter most for Coloradans, bringing different perspectives so you can get an idea of ​​the issues. To comment on this or other 360 stories, email… Continue Reading →

I'm on the run. I am also disabled. I have to choose between care and keep the lights on. • Good Assurance

At present, there is a line between those who can afford to survive the closure of the Trump government and those who may not be able to do so. As a disabled young woman living without pay, I'm not sure… Continue Reading →

America's Largest Twins Study Finds Whether Nature or Care Hurts Us •

Data from a private insurance company gave scientists a new way of looking at whether nature or diet is more important for staying healthy despite illness. Although the answer is neither definitive nor accurate – it varies according to each… Continue Reading →

Bill of Blasios plans to guarantee health care to every New Yorker, explained • Good Assurance

Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has scheduled "universal health care" in the largest city in America – and although it is not a single payer, the initiative shows that Democratic politicians are showing more creativity for what… Continue Reading →

$ 3.5 trillion a year: is the US health care system the biggest scam in the world that generates money? • Good Assurance

Written by Michael Snyder via the blog The Economic Collapse, If the US health care system were a country, it would have the fifth largest GDP in the world. At this stage, only the United States, China, Japan and Germany… Continue Reading →

De Blasio Unveils Health Care Plan for New Yorkers Without Papers and Low Income • Good Assurance

[Cequevousdevezsavoirpourbiencommencerlajournée:[Whatyouneedtoknowtostarttheday:[Cequevousdevezsavoirpourbiencommencerlajournée:[Whatyouneedtoknowtostarttheday:Receive New York today in your inbox.] New York City will spend $ 100 million to provide health care to undocumented immigrants and those who can not claim insurance, said Mayor Bill de Blasio Tuesday, seeking to insert a city… Continue Reading →

Early retirement health care insurance: strategies to reduce costs •

People who are considering early retirement, say around 55, have probably earned, saved and invested so far in their professional careers. There is usually a significant amount of income or income generated by dividends or interest. For many, the reason… Continue Reading →

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