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Global ransomware attack can reach $ 190 billion – study

A global ransomware cyber attack could cause around $ 193 billion in damage worldwide and affect more than 600,000 businesses worldwide, according to a new report from the Cyber ​​Risk Management (CyRiM) project. CyRiM is a public-private initiative based in… Continue Reading →

A driver in the group of deadly victims admits an insurance claim against stuffing after the attack of the victim's mother

Anthony J. DiFilippo, who struck and killed a teenager in an accident at Wheatfield four years ago, admitted Friday that he had redeemed his claim after his house had been attacked by his drunk mother. In a complex case, DiFilippo,… Continue Reading →

"Pay The F * ck Up": Hackers threaten to throw secret September 11th attack files if Bitcoin ransom is not met • Good Assurance

A group of hackers known as The Dark Overlord announced on the eve of the New Year that it had been introduced into the computer systems of a law firm and had obtained 9/11 attacks – threatening to publicly release… Continue Reading →

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