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Heroes & Generals #11 | Funny & Random Moments | [AIG] | Gameplay en español

Ham Satellite Pass ISS Astronauts Moore Square Magnet School, Raleigh, NC 020518 1832z

Watch and listen to Ham Satellite Pass: ISS Astronauts Talking with Students at Moore Square AIG/GT Magnet School, Raleigh, NC
02/05/18 1832z.

John, KG4AKV, did a fantastic job setting up this contact between the school and the ISS. You can check out his complete video of the contact while it was happening in the school’s auditorium.

Also, be sure and subscribe to John’s YouTube channel SpaceComms at

This was recorded using SDRplay with SDRuno and PstRotator for Doppler frequency control.

No narration since the stations were doing the talking!

I’ve also uploaded several other videos here to my YouTube channel that are various recorded satellite passes, of various satellites, that demonstrate how great PstRotator and SDRuno work together.

You might want to take a peek at a few of these because 1: if you’re active in the satellites you might hear your own melodious voice… 2: if you are new to satellites, these videos will show what it’s like to work the birds, the quality of the communications – and they also show some of the good and bad operating practices if you plan on making the plunge into the wonderful world of amateur satellites.

73 folks…

Thanks again for taking time to watch this video – and If you like what you saw and heard please subscribe, like and share…

See on the birds!

I’m Robert K3 Triple R Q R T

~~~ Lots of stuff on ham sats and SDRs

@K3TripleR ~~~ Connect with me on Twitter!

PS: Want to find out how to get your SDRplay to compensate for Doppler? Check out my video at

PPS: K3RRR Ham Radio Station: Here is a description of my station. Dual FT-991s and SDRplay SDR for the reception on this video. M2 LEO Pack Antennas (436CP16/2MCP8A) on 18′ ground mounted telescoping mast, G-5500 computer controlled rotator with Fox Delta ST2 satellite antenna tracking Interface, SSB Electronics mast mounted pre-amps for 145 MHz and 435 MHz – AND 65′ trees galore and a 35′ house blocking 300 degrees of the 360 degree compass -meaning a lot of a lot of passes is in the noise! Still, a MASSIVE amount of challenging fun!


There is a wealth of information on how to get started with amateur satellites at the AMSAT site listed below. I recommend you make that site your starting point for getting the best information on the most important aspects in the best operating practices for using the ham sats.


Also, if you’re interested in ham radio satellites, I also asked that you consider becoming a member with me of AMSAT North America. These folks do amazing things on a volunteer basis which is why we have so many amateur satellites circling our globe right now. All these ham radio satellites do not just happen by accident. There is an overwhelming amount of work – along with an unbelievable money – that goes into each bird.

The dues are cheap and it is one ham club that is definitely worth joining! To become a member, just click:

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What is The best Auto Insurance to get?

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Who are affordable auto insurance carriers in southern california?

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What is it about Insurance that must be done for a car show in the UK?

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Wave5trade Long Swing Trading Setup for AIG

Watch the wave5trade elliottwave indicator suite in action setting up a potential stocks long swing trading opportunity on AIG. Includes Entry price, stop loss and target price. The wavetrade Elliott Wave Indicator Suite is available for NinjaTrader, Thinkorswim, TradeStation and MutiCharts tradng platforms .

Check out the video tours of the elliott wave indicator suite here

NFU Mutual – Income Protection from AIG

AIG wants to help you bridge the gap with its market-leading comprehensive Income Protection, offering a faster, stronger and better solution. In most situations, Income Protection can provide an essential safety net by paying a replacement income, while helping individuals get back into the workplace earlier with a range of rehabilitation support services.

Faster – Recovery with a range of early intervention support
Stronger – Quality features with best in class benefits
Better – Choice for your clients menu plan
Occupation classes 1, 2, 3 and 4
Waiver of premium included as standard
Free cover during underwriting – up to £25,000 per annum
Houseperson’s benefit up to £20,000 per annum
Guaranteed benefit – if the monthly benefit is under £1,500, your client doesn’t need to prove their income at claim.

AIG International Dividend Stra Dividend Analysis – January 25, 2018

This stock was previously analyzed in the following videos:
November 07, 2017 –

AIG International Dividend Stra dividend analysis. Generated on January 25, 2018

First, lets look at AIG International Dividend Stra stock performance.
Based on 10 years of price data, we can see that the price moved from 12.34 on January 25, 2008, to 9.14 on January 24, 2018.
This means that during 10 years, AIG International Dividend Stra lost around 3.2 points, or 25.93%.

Next, lets look at AIG International Dividend Stra dividends history.
Over the past 10 years, AIG International Dividend Stra increased their dividends 7 times, and decreased their dividends 11 times.
The last dividend increase took place on September 27, 2017, with an increase from $0.033 per share, to $0.157 per share. An increase of $0.124, or 375.76%.
The last dividend decrease took place on December 12, 2017, with a decrease from $0.157 per share, to $0.067 per share. A decrease of $0.09, or 57.32%.

When we sum dividends on an annual basis, we get the following chart.
We can see that the overall trend on a yearly basis is up.
Based on this trend, we estimate AIG International Dividend Stra to have an annual dividend of $0.25 by the end of 2018.
With an average annual dividend growth rate of 4.57%, it expected that dividends will double roughly every 15.3 years.

Let’s try to simulate how a $10000 investment 10 years ago would look like today.
$10000 on January 25, 2008, bought 683.99 shares of AIG International Dividend Stra.
During this time you would have collected $1,060 in dividends.
Reinvesting these dividends over time would have resulted in 126.25 more shares of AIG International Dividend Stra in your portfolio.
Reinvesting also means you could have collected $91 of additional dividends, and bring your total revenue to $1,151.
The revenue growth represents the sum of dividends collected during the first year vs. the last year of ownership.

Non of the following statistics for AIG International Dividend Stra were available when generating this video.

Let’s try to simulate how a $10000 investment today would look 20 years from now.
$10000 on January 24, 2018, will buy 1094 shares of AIG International Dividend Stra.
During 2019 the projected yearly dividend revenue is $283 – a yield-to-cost of 2.83%.
During 2038, the projected yearly dividend revenue is $518 – a yield-to-cost of 5.18%, which also translates to growth of $235 or 83%
If you will re-invest the dividend back into buying more AIG International Dividend Stra shares, your dividend revenue on 2038 is projected to be $921, assuming the price per share remains the same.
This is an increase of $638 or 225% compared to the first year of ownership.
Dividend reinvesting has the potential to bring in 78% of additional revenue compared to the non-DRIP alternative.

AIG International Dividend Stra dividend analysis. Generated on January 25, 2018

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