Suze Orman: Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance


Suze Orman speaks out on Life Insurance. Check out more personal finance videos and Walk Threws about Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Debt, Investing, and Financial Planning with Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and Greg Olney here at
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  1. This video is garbage she is a spokesperson for primeamerica. Like Thomas said what bank is gonna give you that 4% of guarantee back on your money. Reality is most people don't have money to invest , if you didn't die in that window of term then you just wasted all that money.

  2. Don't listen to her people!! She needs the education because NO and i do mean NO whole life insurance policy is going to GIVE you anything but a rip off!! You can however, BORROW the cash value savings and pay it back plus about 8% interest! Now suppose you did borrow from the cash value and you die before it's paid back, then guess what? the company will take what you owe from the death benefit which could leave your family financially devastated!! Buy term insurance and invest! Go Suze!!!

  3. Whole life insurance only benefits the company and the agents who sell that bullcrap!!!! My family has been ripped off far too long by these companies who sell whole life, universal, variable, reliable, and the other junk that's out here!! You know that if you die, the company takes the cash value savings? didn't know that did you? That savings should go the family period!!! I say to hell with cash value insurance!!!! It's a RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Primerica is sooooo wonderful that people purposely put out these "scam alerts" to deter people from looking into this great business and seeing the opportunity to become financially independent and help other families do the same. I thank God everyday for giving me this blessing to educate families about finances. Whole life insurance has financially crippled families for several generations!! who sells a family a policy worth $2,000? how will they get by with that? 

  5. Suzie Orman is a complete moron. She is completely clueless. Whole life insurance has its place in the financial world. A Mutual company's whole life policy with its cash value is a savings vehicle produces income, has the safety of a long term t-bond with a higher interest rate, tax free withdrawals at anytime, is a tier 1 asset for use as collateral, has non-probate death benefit which is exempt from estate tax. Its an asset that allows you to "buy" discounted money for future use.

  6. Term is a terrible investment. One of the worst mistakes in the financial world is buying term insurance and out living its coverage. Every penny spent would have been literally thrown down the drain. Honestly idk how anyone could listen to that butch moron. She is so arrogant and so fundamentally wrong its sickening.

  7. she's lying abt having to go to hawaii to take an exam if you are already licensed in as many states as she claims so might as well throw the rest of her argument out too. ignoring whole life just because she says so in a shrill voice is like telling donald trump he would be better off paying rent on his trump tower deeds than own them outright. if you can afford whole, great. if not get term. but base it on your own circumstance. 

  8. So Prudential taking $16,000 of cash value from my Grandmother is fundamentally right, is it Aresbro? When an honest agent could have offered them a Term policy for a fraction of the cost, where their investments would have tripled any TRASH VALUE savings in existence. That being said, the only thing sickening, is your logic and twisted perspective.

  9. Suzsie Orman is perpetuating the lie – "buy term and invest the rest". I challenge her and anyone else to compare their investments with an Indexed Universal Life policy over equal periods. The result may shock you. Secondly, the reasoning that you shouldn't use life insurance as an investment because your agent will receive a commission is deceptive and hypocritical. Your investment advisor is taking a minimum of 1% of your ENTIRE portfolio every year in addition to transaction fees.

  10. If you have $500k with your stock broker, he/she is getting s minimum of $5,000 a year from you. If the money never grows, he/she will still make $125,000 off you investment over the next 25 years. Now tell me again how an agent's commission is proof of a scam…

  11. Are you kidding me? Indexed Universal Life policies are a complete RIP OFF. Where do I begin? 1. Internal costs are not guaranteed 2. Mortality charges are not guaranteed 3. Market drops cause double pain 4. Late premiums kill any guarantees 5. Dividends from the index don't get credited. And where does that 1% minimum commission come from? 

  12. Furthermore, you can get just as much coverage with a term policy than whole life for much LESS. Trash-value life policy agents should be SUED for everything they are worth! They are out there ripping people off!

  13. Art Williams founded Primerica to correct the injustices of the life-insurance industry. That's why I'm an agent with them! That's why I only have TERM insurance and sell it to all my clients!

  14. Suze Orman worked as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, in 1983 she became the vice-president of investments at Prudential Bache Securities, and in 1987 founded the Suze Orman Financial Group. In an April 2008 interview with the Young Turks, she stated her net worth is $10 million USD. So you idiots who criticize and dismiss her have no basis in doing so unless your credentials are better than hers! 

  15. Please do your research:
    1. Internal costs are disclosed up front. 2. Mortality charge limits are established up front. 3. When the market goes down, the IUL does not lose value. 4. If you don't invest it doesn't work – just like all investments. 5. Compare actual returns not just one part of the return. Lastly, it costs money to invest money – 1% is the minimum commission for an FA.

  16. OK, tell me how many universal-life clients are fully satisfied with their products? Let's take a look at some of them, shall we?

    This lady bought variable universal life:
    Suze Orman on Universal Insurance

    This lady said her husband has variable life:
    Suze Orman on Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life

    Now why would anyone in their right mind buy such crappy products? They don't make any sense!

  17. licensed in every state? except Hawaii. That's impressive!!!! One question???? If some one had a gun to your head "it seems like that would have to do this to make you chose" what Universal plan would you go with? and please don't say shoot me…. that's to easy. I have to sell this stuff and want to put out the best deal for my friends and family.

  18. Actually if a state like ny requires a written exam and let's Florida doesn't to get a Florida license a NY resident must than take the exam as well as a Florida resident would have to take one for ny. It's a two way road if one state requires it than for that state a resident would have to take it in every state if they want to get licensed than. 

  19. There's nothing lower than a snake than a whole life agent!!!!! You lose your cash value if you die, they charge you 6-8 % to borrow your own money, and if you borrow and you die they subtract that from your death benefit, and 3-5 yrs to build cash value!!!! 

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