Subaru – This Will Save Your Life – How To Buy Car Insurance

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Hey everyone!

How to buy car insurance for your 2011 Subaru WRX.

Remember to get.

1. More then $15,000/30,000
2. Uninsured Motorist
3. Comprehensive with deductible of around $500.

These few things will save you time and money and will help you get better in case of an car accident. Its serious stuff!


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41 thoughts on “Subaru – This Will Save Your Life – How To Buy Car Insurance

  1. Kevin Kevin

    The deductible should ALWAYS be paid from your EMERGENCY FUND, if you have 3 deductibles of $1000 each (health/auto/ etc) involved in an accident, then keep a buffer of at least $3,000 in a liquid savings account which is meant for that emergency; ergo, make your deductibles high (lowering your monthly payment) and increase your PIP/Liability and prop & uninsured motorist coverage for that shitty day. I live in Florida and your points are great, most people are under-insured and its the insured who takes the bite out of the rest. Great video you made exposing people who think insurance companies are out to get you…well yes its true lol but we measure risk at the end of the day.

  2. xcvsdxvsx

    Some of this stuff sounds smart but why would you want insurance incase you drive into a light pole? All you have to do is not drive into a light pole and then not spend that money. Super simple. Instead of pointing your car in the direction of a light pole while pushing on the gas petal, don't do that.

  3. The MarCinema

    Hey buddy can I pay you to work on my Sti, Im from Costa Mesa Ca. I have a Cobb Intake, no name Down Pipe, and access port. Nothing Installed yet. Also a blitz Blow off valve which IDK if i want it yet

  4. Sam Nelson

    those illegal immigrants riding dirty lol, i feel bad for California their politics are so effed up…. my advice is to throw your gov out of office and both your senators and especially nancy pelosi and maybe you'll be looking at a much cleaner more efficient state where you don't have to worry about an illegal immigrant hitting your tail end and running off

  5. Topsepon Her

    Get married, lol i believe they give u some kind of discount cuz ur married, i pay 240.00 for three cars, two of em has full coverage n one has liability… I have a 2013 toyota sienna, 2007 wrx sti, and 2003 toyota camry…

  6. mc88dx

    What about medical insurance through work? Aren't you covered medically through that also? Seems to be an overlap. Also if car is only worth $2k-4k is it still worth it to cover car repair damage?


    grow older, get married, don't get tickets, don't wreck. insurance, although still a scam, will be fairly cheap. I have 3 cars with full coverage for $320 a month under geico in a high insurance rate state (wv)

  8. wave

    but a new driver that has $500 regular insurance has no choice but to choose liability i mean how in the fuck am i supposed to afford $500/ month being 20 working min wage ? insurance is a scam and they sort of stereotype us young people. Not all of us does burnouts and do 65 in a 25. Insurance is a fucking scam.

  9. Sami Suhonen

    But, if you live in the countryside of Finland, there are only empty backroads and fields, but no crazy asian drivers with no insurance 🙂 And if someone does hit you, you pretty much know who it was, since there are like 3 other houses in a 10km radius here :P

  10. CyanZeal

    hello, hey i was wondering if you would recommend a college student (me) to buy a subaru. now here is the deal im a full time student so im not able to make much money.

  11. Kawaii Ninja

    I heard if you get a car that less common, your insurance will be cheaper because less same type of cars on the road thus % of cars insurance have to worry about covering them

  12. bryan lu

    fuck insurance can you imagine if every family/household had an extra 100$ a month ……….car insurance is just another scam just like all this high cable bill shit lol ive been driving for over 10 years and not 1 car crash,all those 1000$s in the trash! i would say 200$ a year would be fair! shit if you cant drive right dont buy a car fucking idots

  13. Michelle Acosta

    Thanks for the video! I was just in a recent auto accident with my newly purchased 06 Subaru impreza. Luckily I had the whole package full coverage from living under the same household as my uncle who has state farm.

  14. Do whatever the FUCK YOU WANNA DO!

    I have a question. What if someone else has insurance on the car, FULL COVERAGE, but you do not have insurance on any car, and you are driving that full covered car and you get into an accident? Either you caused it or someone else caused it, whichever. I've heard from different people different things. Someone told me that even if you don't have insurance, that you can sue one of the insurance companies, then I've also gotten told you don't get shit. Thanks in advance


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